Answering Questions from MAL Forums Pt.2.

Installing these MMO games is so annoying. I mean why does it always take so long? Right now I am installing Tera and while doing that I thought what I could do in the meantime. I firstly thought about writing a new review but I am too tired to do that.
 So I came up with this. Not exactly a new topic, but new questions. My Anime List forums are full of interesting and funny questions that just wait to be answered. This time, again, I picked 5 questions I came across and here are the answers. Anime Girl answering questions from MAL forums, again. 

1.How do you decide whether you will watch a particular anime or not?

This is a really good question. Let's see how I do it?
Well there are a couple of things I consider before I decide. Definitely the first thing is My Anime List. I check some things like score, ranking, who the producers are, genre too etc. Also very important, I read the summary. 
Next thing I do-You Tube. But I do not watch trailers, because they usually don't have subtitles. I watch AMVs. They are awesome and they don't contain spoilers. At least I didn't come across a spoiler. 
Do not read a lot of reviews. Funny thing for me to say because I write them my self, but my reviews are more objective. Most of the reviews I read on MAL have a too personal opinion about everything, so do not get distracted by that. Maybe you like something that the reviewer doesn't and vice versa.
In the end, talk with someone that has the same taste as you do. 

2.How do people complete a bad anime?

I seriously do not know how others do it, but I am a blogger. I write reviews about anime, even if it's a bad one. And sometimes you just want to finish it so that you can finally write something bad. I am a mean blogger, I know. JK, I'm nice. 
Still, I couldn't wait to finish watching Ajin so I could let all that 'anger' because of all that Tokyo Ghoul 'coincidences' out. Or "An Irregular at Magic High School" it was so boring and I couldn't wait to write that down on my blog. That's the way I deal with bad anime. I write a critique about it.

3.Reasons why you drop anime?

I don't want to say that there are a lot anime I've dropped. But here are some I remember  did.

I can't really tell the reason I dropped these anime. It was just a feeling. Not a feeling that they are gonna be bad anime, but more the feeling that I am not gonna like them. Besides, if an anime doesn't catch me in the first 2-3 episodes it's over. 

4.Do we need an anime version of the Oscars?

My answers is totally YES, we need anime Oscars! But I would call them...The Harutos, or the Yamaos...I don't know something like that. And the Yamato for the best anime goes to...
Now that would sound so cool, desu ne?

5.If you found a Death Note in real life, what would you do with it?

This is such a good question. As  expected I read all kinds of answers on MAL, but what would AnimeGirl do? Well, I think using the Death Note is like the death penalty. And since I am a huge opponent of the death penalty I wouldn't use the Death Note either. No one has the right to take someone's life because you weren't the one that gave it in fist place.  But if I found it in real life, I would use it, like I use other notebooks. Math, essays and if it doesn't have lines in it I would draw on it.
One thing is for sure, even tough it's an anime, I'd never dare to write someones name in it. Just in case. 

So these are my five answers to five interesting questions on MAL. I'd really like to hear what you have to say, especially for questions 3 and 5. Answer in comments below and write your own questions for me! Also follow me on instagram under @aniblogger and @animegirlism, so see you there!

Your AnimeGirl <3


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