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Welcome to another post in the World of Anime Girl that was inspired by an anime crossover which I saw on My Anime List. I didn't watch it and I really can't remember which anime it were but it was a crossover. So I asked my self what would be some amazing anime crossovers I'd like to watch. And after going up and down on my 'watched' anime-list I came up with a few ideas. Here for you are my favorite five anime crossovers I came up with. Tell me what you think and of course post your own ideas in the comments down bellow. Enjoy!


Of course this was the first anime crossover that I came up with. Both  Yona and Arslan are young prince and princess that lost their kingdom and try to take it back from the son of their father's brother. Both are adventure and action anime that have an amazing story with a lot of action. How would their stories cross over? Well, in an alternate universe the kingdoms of Kouka and Pars are allays whereas Yona and Arslan are old childhood friends. They would help each other in battle and form an even stronger bound between their kingdoms. The thing I'd like to see the most in such a crossover is Hak-the Thunder Beast fighting alongside Daryun in war. That would just be epic. Now that I think more about both anime, they sure have a lot of things in common. That's probably the reason I like both of them hell a lot and would like to see them in one season together. 


Guys, I really love Tokyo Ghoul and still am reading the manga, Tokyo Ghoul: Re. After seeing Ajin, which is a total Tokyo Ghoul rip-off I just wished Kaneki to somehow kill the overly annoying Kei from Ajin. An crossover would be an amazing opportunity for that.
Imagine and anime, Ghouls vs. Ajin, who would win? Pick your side. Of course I am on the side of the ghouls and in my opinion they are the stronger ones. Still I guess the CCG and the Ajin extermination ministry (or however it is called) would take the advantage of the ajin-ghoul war and fight the survivors with joined forces.  I couldn't come up with a proper way of the story crossover because I'd just like to see Kaneki getting rid of Kei. Done. 


And here we go with a slice-of-life, romance and school anime crossover. I just thought that both Futaba and Taiga are so amazing, funny and very likable characters that an Ao Haru Ride x Toradaora crossover would be amazing in many ways. They would meet on a school trip, or on a high school competition, but the whole gang, not just Taiga and Futaba. I think that it would be the funniest episode in anime history. 


This crossover would be the ultimate couple competition. Sweet, little Kirito and Asuna meet the crazy, unstoppable duo Yuno and Yuki. The idea for the crossover? Well, the fight between the diary owners is still on, but they are taking a break for one week. Yuno and Yuki decide to try that new game, Sword Art Online and  of course get trapped in the SAO world, but with one extra. They were able to keep their diaries and are able to use them in the game. If you ask me, I think the show would just be hilarious. I can just imagine Asuna's scared face when seeing Yuno swinging her ax all over the dungeon. I personally am a greater fan of Mirai Nikki than SAO but I like SAO too. When it comes to the couples tho, Asuna and Kirito are just and ordinary couple you see everyday. But Yuki and Yuno are special in some way. On the whole, this would be the craziest crossover in anime history. 


And the last crossover for today's post. A Psycho-Pass-Death Note crossover. Picture this: We are currently in the 22nd century and as in the original anime, the Sibyl System determines the crime coefficient of every citizen known as the psycho-pass. Now, Ryuk gets bored again and thinks about dropping the Death Note in the human world again. He knows that he probably won't have that much fun as he had with Kira and L but he'll give it a try. Someone picks up the Death Note and that's where the fun begins. My question: will the sibyl system be able to recognize new Kira? Would Shinya Kougami and Akane Tsunemori be able to stop Kira? And would Makishima be interested in taking the Death Note for him self? I think he would.That would be, in my opinion, the most amazing anime crossover ever. 

And in the end, i finally remembered the crossover I saw that inspired me. It is a Fairy Tail x The Seven Deadly Sins crossover. 


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