One Year of World of Anime Girl

Konbanwa Minna, 
It's me again, your Anime Girl. I hope you're all doing fine. Today is a special day for World of Anime Girl. On today's date, exactly one year ago I wrote my first review on this blog. On July 28th, 2015 I started this blog with an anime review on the horror anime "Another". I can't believe it's been a year already. It's been one year, 17781 page views and 68 posts and I want to thank you all for visiting and reading my posts and reviews. Minasan, Hontoni arigatogozaimashita!! Thank you very much!! Vielen Dank an euch Alle!! Hvala Vam svima!! 
Today I went trough my old posts and I can't believe I improved so much. Most of the reviews from 2015 are so bad, I can't believe how much someone improves in only one year. At this point, I want to ask you not to read them because I am to lazy to delete them. Thanks! 
I actually started this blog just because I was bored and I wanted to write reviews on all the anime I watch. But now, I do it in my free time and it is much more than just reviews. I also wrote a couple of random anime posts, I post news, my personal rankings etc.
One more time, Thank You! for being with me this one year and thanks for the amazing 17k page views. Minasan, you are sugoi! 


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