My Top 5 Anime Moments That Made Me Cry

Konbanwa anime folks, 
I hope you're all doing fine. I haven't posted for a whole week and it was finally time for a new blog post here on World of Anime Girl. I came up with a couple of ideas for new blog posts and of course I'll be reviewing some anime including "Your Lie in April" and "K" which I'll try to finish as soon as possible. I got stuck with Lucifer. The show, not the actual devil. 


Today's topic, moments that made my cry in anime. As you can see it says SPOILER ALERT! Most of the moments reveal some major plot details and anime endings of the following anime: Fairy Tail, Code Geass, Naruto Shippuden, Tokyo Ravens and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, so if you haven't watched these anime yet and you don't want to be spoiled check out some other posts and leave this one for later. And now let's get to the ranking, shall we?

No5.TOKYO RAVENS: Natsume's death

When I watched this anime moment once again I questioned my self why I cried in first place. True it is emotional and really sad but I still don't get why I cried that much. I cried so much and had tears running down my cheeks like no time before. My eyes literary turned into a water-well for 5 minutes. It was crazy. The reason for that is probably that I know that Natsume will actually survive in the end.

No4.FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD: Alphonse's soul for Edwards arm

It is the end of one of the most amazing and emotional stories in the Anime World. It is the peak of a story about sacrifice, trust, family and friendship. Funny thing is that I actually watched this episode in front of my little sister. That little monster filmed me secretly while I was crying in this part and sent it some of my friends. An 18-year-old girl crying while watching "cartoons". What a caption. But for the Anime Girl, this was one of the most emotional moments ever.

No3.NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Gaara's Great Ninja War speach

The Fourth Great Ninja War is about to start and the shinobi forces need unity. In this moment not only did the Gaara's speech unite the army but it also made my cry while watching the anime and also while playing Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. It is one of the most emotional moments in the whole Naruto series and after watching it for a hundred times now I still get goosebumps just like the first time. It is all what Naruto stands for: friendship, unity and trust. Gaara's words are also one of the most important morals of Naruto: "Between those who have experienced the same pain, there can be no hate!".  

No2.FAIRY TAIL: Erza's (nearly) death

To be honest, Erza was the reason I started watching Fairy Tail. I love red-haired-characters and when I saw an AMV of Erza's power I knew I had to watch it. In no time, I fell in love with the anime and Erza became my favorite character ever. And guess what happens when you see your favorite character die in the 40th episode. Well, you kinda die too. My heart ached and I couldn't stop the tears from my eyes while watching the end of the 40th and the beginning of the 41st episode. Not only was her death so emotional but later on comes the funeral and master Makarov's speach and Natsu's burst of emotions denying that she is death. It was a roller coaster of emotions that definitely deserves the second place in this ranking. But it wouldn't be Fairy Tail if she was really dead. She survived of course. 

No1.CODE: GEASS: Lelouch's death

Well, we are all quite familiar with this one, aren't we? The end of a masterpiece. The end of the most amazing story I have ever watched. Code: Geass is much more than a brilliant masterpiece in my opinion. I just can't believe that there is someone in this world with such a great ingenuity to come up with an anime like this one. Of course an amazing anime, needs an ending that has to be remembered.  And I am sure that I will never forget this one. Lelouch's death. It is the third death in this ranking but it is the first real and definite one. Or is it not? There are many theories suggesting that Lelouch is still alive, and to be honest I am one of the advocates of that theory. I believe he is alive. 
And even tough I kinda hated and loved Lelouch at the same time, I cried like no time before in an anime. But for real now. All the drama in those 5 minutes, Nunnally crying, people shouting Zero!, the background music, Lelouch's last words: "Yes, I...destroy worlds...create worlds"... All these elements make my heart ache and cry every single time I watch this scene. Guys, it is so emotional I even cried while watching it in German dub. And trust me, German dub anime are hilarious. My No1. of the anime moments that made cry: Lelouch's death.

And we are at the end of one more "My Top 5" on World of Anime Girl. I hope you share at least one of these places in your ranking of the moments that made you cry. If not let me know in the comments bellow. What anime moment made you cry the most or are you stone cold? Share it with us and be sure to come again. New posts soon!

Your Anime Girl <3


  1. Hm, let me think.
    In FMA:B, Maes Hughes' funeral and Van Hohenheim's death.
    In Code Geass, Euphemia's death.
    And, although techically not an anime, in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Iroh remembering his son who died in battle. That was the time I cried the most, watching anything. :')

    1. You sure cried a lot for a guy :P hhahhah just kidding, I feel you bro :D

  2. Hm, let me think.
    In FMA:B, Maes Hughes' funeral and Van Hohenheim's death.
    In Code Geass, Euphemia's death.
    And, although techically not an anime, in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Iroh remembering his son who died in battle. That was the time I cried the most, watching anything. :')


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