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I hope you checked out yesterday's post to see the results of the polls for the first "World of Anime Girl" Awards. The results were quite interesting so be sure to take a glance and give me your opinion about the results. 
Moving on to today's post, a review on a Summer 2016 anime which is also probably the most popular anime of the season so far. I guess you've all seen "17 Again" with Zac Efron. Well, this anime is kinda an anime version of it. So give it up for our 17 again protagonist and his story in the anime ReLIFE. Enjoy!

Plot and Story Line

Be honest with your self. If you met a complete stranger in the middle of the night offering you a pill that would make you 10 years younger for one year, would you take it? I don't know if I would. I guess it'd depend of the situation. But our protagonist, Kaizaki Arata was reckless and took the pill, turning him into a teenager again.
The story of ReLIFE follows him, a NEET and jobless man, that fails every job interview after quitting his first job only after three months. Without any thought he takes the pill and accepts the offer to be part of an experiment for one year. For one year, he becomes a 17-year-old-teenager and goes to school again. And this is were all the fun and drama begins.
These two words are exactly the words that describe the anime in the best way possible. 

DRAMA-It's high school and of course drama is an indispensable part of it. As a slice-of-life, school and romance anime, ReLIFE really didn't disappoint me when it comes to that. ReLIFE is all about the usual problems of every teenager. Trough various side stories, ReLIFE brings us back to all the high school drama everyone, literary everyone has been trough. It reminded me so much of my high school time (even thinking about it makes me sad). The most interesting thing about ReLIFE are its side stories. There is a side story for nearly each of the main characters. In that way you don't get the feeling that Kaizaki Arata's story is the focus of the story. The story that takes up most of the limelight is probably the one about the friendship of Rena and Honoka. But it is also important because trough that happenings, the relationship of Arata and the main female character of ReLIFE, Hishiro Chizuru develops on a higher level. You might think that their relationship is mostly in the background trough out the first half of the show, but quite the plot twist happens afterwards. And believe me, this is the one think you never expected to happen. As said, drama, drama, drama but enjoyable drama. It keeps you interested in all the happenings the whole time and when you finish the 13th episode you just want more.
Still high school isn't the only drama you have. A kind of serious drama happens in the adult life of Arata. He is well known for quitting his job only after three months but the story to it gives you quite the goosebumps. It is a story that pictures the unfortunate truth of our society in a very direct way. Yet the anime isn't that dark and serious as you might think.

FUN-I don't know why there is no "comedy" written in the genre description of this anime. ReLIFE is mainly a slice-of-life but I really LMAO-ed in almost every episode. It was hilarious to see Arata dealing with high school again. I mean he still has a mind of a 27-year-old and he also thinks that way. Being way maturer than the others he puts him self in awkward situations that are just entertaining to watch. Arata often scolds the others or gives them helpfull advice. He literary turns into that "when I was in high school..." adult every time someone needs help. The most hilarious moments are definitely the Chizuru-Arata moments later on in the anime and trust me it will just get more hilarious if they stick to the manga for the second season. (Yes, ReLIFE is a manga adaptation and it is amazing. And colorful.) TMS Entertainment hasn't announced the second season yet, but considering the popularity of ReLIFE, it will probably happen. 
ON THE WHOLE-This anime definitely deserves a 9,5/10 for the story. It is interesting, it is fresh, it is dramatic and as said a couple of times, it is hilarious. MAL rated it as a 8.37 but it definitely deserves a higher score. No plot holes at all, the story is smooth and the development is not forced. Thumbs up for the story and plot of ReLIFE. 


And another amazing thing about ReLIFE. The makers of this anime really put in a lot effort to make this show awesome in every aspect. When I think about the overall impression of all the characters I can surely say that the characters of this anime are among the best I have ever seen. They are all so unique and interesting in each way. Also you get to know all of them because the anime really concentrates on the personality of each character. The characters become alive and you really feel them and their stories. When I now look back at each character I really get the feeling that they are all so important for the story development. And on top of that, I love them all. They all undergo a different personality development and that's the thing that counts the most. A good story that each characters brings along with their personality. 

Animation and Style

It is a 2016 anime, of course the animation is good. It is as colorful as it should be, whereas the colors are bright and smooth. No objections. The style is nothing special. The usual slice-of-life style with some funny animations in the hilarious scenes of the anime. That's it. I really need to add something to this section of the review. 


To conclude, the anime is amazing. The story is really something new, something fresh and it stick out as a unique story that you don't get to see every day. It keeps you on tenterhooks the whole time and makes you crave more and more. It is extremely entertaining. With amazing side stories you get to know each character in the anime which is really helpful because as good as they are you want to know everything about them. The animation also doesn't have any flaws just like the anime in general. I really loved it and I am sure you'll love it too. And while waiting for the second season of ReLIFE, why not just ReWATCH, the first one.

Your AnimeGirl <3


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