Anime Reviews in One Sentence Pt.1.

Well hello there my dear anime community,
I don't know how I came up with this post but I'd say ingenuity did it's thing. I think this is a really interesting way of reviewing anime and a challenge too. This is way I challenge every blogger or reviewer reading this post to do the same thing: Review the anime you watched in only one sentence.  Rules: The sentence has to be at least 2-words-long and it must not reveal the whole plot. 

And now Part 1. of "Anime Reviews in One Sentence" Pt.1. Enjoy!

AJIN-If you want another, yet slightly different Tokyo Ghoul story AJIN is an anime for you. 

AKAGAMI NO SHIRAYUKI-HIME- If you have kids one day that need a good idol and just want to relax than you should watch Akagami no Shirayuki-hime.

AKAME GA KILL- It's an anime that says "You have to fight the corrupt government" trough a lot of amazing action fights and emotional background stories. 

AKATSUKI NO YONA- An amazing romance/adventure/fantasy anime whose main story line is based on an old legend about four dragons and their king. 

ANGEL BEATS!- It is literary the "Titanic" of the anime world just that this anime has a nonsense story like no other, at least in my opinion.

AO HARU RIDE- It is a cute and dramatic story that takes you back to your first crush in Middle School and forward to the drama in High School.

ARSLAN SENKI- An amazing anime with an even more amazing story that takes you on an adventure that you don't want to leave after just one season.

CODE: GEASS- This is the most amazing anime story ever about a mastermind like no other that will keep you on tenterhooks and make you laugh, cry and enjoy every single second of it. 

DEATH NOTE- In this one you have two masterminds and a God that enjoys to watch human stupidity like a TV show even tough it is story about humanity and the worth of a human life.

DEATH PARADE- The game decides if you reincarnate or go to the void after death,  but this anime isn't just a game but a psychological story that questions the way humans see life.

ELFEN LIED- This just creeps the hell out of you.

FATE ZERO- This is an magic/action/adventure anime that takes back the most famous historical characters ever and draws them into the war for the holy grail.

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD- If there is one anime that takes you on a more emotional ride that explains the importance of family and friendship than this one than I don't know. 

GARO: HONOO NO KOKUIN- Garo is an anime that takes you a couple of centuries back to the time where witch hunting was still a popular hobby and makes you enjoy the powers and all the magic.

GOSICK- This anime is a kind of Sherlock Holmes with the difference that the detective here is a cute little girl with long hair and an even  more loyal assistant than Watson. 

GUILTY CROWN- I love this anime basically because it is one of the first anime I saw and even tough it might be a bit interesting and intriguing the plot line is extremely bad.

HATARAKU MAOU-SAMA- You wold think that Satan that comes to the Earth would cause destruction and evil but instead he works as a part-timer at McRonald's and entertains us like no devil before.

MIRAI NIKKI- The anime with the most psychotic character ever is actually a love story in the core but is all about killing the enemy that knows the future just as good as you do.

So guys this would be it for this part of Anime Review in One Sentence. Be sure to check out the second part as well and to comment the link of your reviews or just write it directly in the comments down bellow. I want you to accept the challenge and write your own short reviews. In the end, I hope you enjoyed reading just as I enjoyed writing these one-sentence-long-reviews. See ya soon!


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