My Top 5 Favorite Hero vs. Villain Duos

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Before writing a new anime review I thought about posting another "My Top 5" and here it is now. It took a while to decide the topic of this post but while browsing trough some forums I came across an interesting question regarding Akatsuki no Yona.  It made me thing about it and I suddenly got the idea for this post. So, here for you, MY TOP 5 FAVORITE HERO VS. VILLAIN DUOS

5.Van Hohenheim vs. "Father" (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

I am sure that all of you know this duo. Not only did the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood give us an amazing story, but it also gave us the perfect Hero vs. Villain duo. The father of our protagonists Ed and Al and the father of the homonuculi. Why I put them in my top5? Well obviously because of their story  but since I don't want to spoil sth. I wont talk much about it. Still the thing that makes these two so interesting are their looks which is again a result of the story it self (It's really hard to talk about stuff when you don't want to spoil anything). Once servant and master, then friends and in the end sworn enemies that wish to destroy each other. Amazing due, desu ne?

4. Yato vs. Bishamonten (Noragami & Noragami Aragoto)

What looks like a hilarious cartoon story is actually a deep story between two enemies, where neither one nor the other is the actual villain, but they are still have the kind enemy vs. enemy relationship. It's a fight between Gods that couldn't be more different in personality. The happy-go-lucky on one side, where on the other side you have the overly protective and serious Bishamonten. The story of the two Gods is made up of the present and the background story which made all of this happen. And even tough Noragami is more like a comedy, the Yato vs. Bishamonten story is kinda serious and very deep, making it extremely interesting to watch. It was also the reason I liked the second season more than the first one and the reason that this duo, made it on the fourth place.

3. L vs. Kira (Death Note)

I think a lot of you will hate me for not putting these two on place 1, but I didn't. I am sorry. However, they remain one of the most amazing duos ever. The reason for that is definitely the fact that you hate and love both at the same time. While watching death Note you cannot decide which one of these is the hero and who is the villain. Kira or Light is the "hero" as protagonist but the actual hero that is trying to save everyone is L. And then again you thing for a moment that Kira is doing something good, but... death Note really makes you think about humanity. I actually see the Death Note notebook as the death penalty in real life, and to be honest, no one should have the right to take away someone's life. And neither does Kira. So after a while I reached my conclusion: Hero=L and Villain=Kira.

2. Yona vs. Su-Won (Akatsuki no Yona)

I think I have this anime in every My Top 5 which is not a surprise considering the fact that it is my favorite anime (that still hasn't a second season). The reason these two are on place two is that they actually love each other but are sworn enemies. It's a love-hate relationship which is the reason that made them such an awesome hero vs. villain duo. She loves him but she must hate him and so fights with her inner self all the time. He on the other hand, never meant this to happen, but it did. And he only loves her. Pure drama! And exactly that drama around their relationship makes this duo unique and interesting, whereas their story is a universe it self. 

1.Shinya Kougami vs. Shougo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)

One of the things that made this duo No.1. is the fact that their relationship carried the anime's story. So it wasn't their story that was important but the way they dealt with each other. Two masterminds I've hardly seen somewhere else. Second thing is that they are the perfect image of how a hero and villain should be. Shougo Makishima is the type of character you really get afraid of and start crying the moment you see him. Just like I used to cry as a lil' girl when seeing Bernd the Bread. Man I still hate him. On the other side, you have Shinya kougami who is the hero that no one else understands. The one that saves everyone even though they're all against him. And exactly those things made this duo my N0.1.

Shinya Kougami and shougo Makishima are my No.1. Hero vs.Villain Duo! 


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