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Konichiwa minna!
It's me again, Anime Girl. I am here with a new post devoted to the best anime that you can watch in one day. These are actually my favorite kind of anime because, as said in the post before this one, I get easily bored by the same thing. So, I prefer watching shorter anime. The problem is that anime with 12-13 episodes don't have the time for a solid plot to develop. But anime with 24-25 episodes do. I love them! So next time you have a day off, pick one of these anime and enjoy! And here they are: MY TOP 5 ANIME YOU CAN WATCH IN A DAY!


Noramagmi is a two-seasonal-anime with 12 and 13 episodes respectively. On a whole, the anime has 25 episodes and has a rating of 8,17 and 8,53 (per season). It is a very cute and interesting anime  placed in the genres action, adventure, shounen and supernatural. The story of Noragami is about a the self-proclaimed "Delivery-God" called Yato. Yato is dreaming of becoming a God with millions of worshippers and a shrine and thus, does odd jobs for 5 yen. During and accident he meets Hiyori, whose soul now can leave the body and Yato, as a god, has to fix it. It is a romance, action, adventure and hilarious story that will make you cry of laughter and true emotions. As said, it is hilarious, mostly because of Yato, one of my favorite characters ever. But even though he seems like an idiot, Yato´s personality is far deeper and more complex. If you want an anime to relax, try this one. You´ll love it! 

N°4 AKAME GA KILL! (2014)

Akame ga Kill or originally, Akame ga Kiru is a 24 episode long anime that has a rating of 7,86, too low in my opinion. When I fished it last summer I gave it a 9/10 on MAL. Akame ga Kill is an action, adventure and fantasy anime that follows our protagonist Tatsumi on his way in becoming an assassin. He joins Night Raid, a branch of the Revolutionary Army that fights to overthrow the corrupt government and the evil Prime Minister. The anime is a masterpiece that has an intriguing story, with a solid plot and amazing action scenes. Romance is also there but the thing that is really important is the kind of "hidden message". Akame ga Kill is, in my opinion, more like a reflection of today´s society and government all over the world. One more special thing about Akame ga Kill are the "Imperial Arms" or special weapons that Night Raid is using. A truly amazing anime! Worth every second! 


After finishing the first episode of this anime, I dropped it. Later on, I gave it one more try and I am so glad that I did, because Arslan Senki is amazing. It is an historic anime about the young prince of Pars that lost the capital city of the kingdom in a battle to Lusitania, a neighboring kingdom. He soon sets off on an adventure together with general Darjun and tries to take back his capital. It´s an adventure, historical, drama, action and fantasy anime that has a lower rating than it deserves. The MAL comunity rated it as a 7,89/10, but I gave it a 9. It is truly amazing. From the story and the plot, over the characters and back to animation, Arslan Senki is perfect. Yet the thing that I liked the most about it were the battle strategies. They were so intriguing and trust me, you´ll finish this anime 100% in one day just because of it. You won´t be able to stop watching! 


This is the most amazing Sci-Fi anime ever! Psycho-Pass is an action, police, Sci-Fi and most importantly, psychological anime that is ranked #88 on MAL. The story takes place in the 22nd century's Japan where the "Sibyl System"  determines the crime coefficient of every citizen and so gives a "proper" judgement. In such a world, young inspector Akane Tsunemori, tries to hold on her honest mean of justice, but soon realizes that the Sibyl system is not as perfect as she thought it was. Yet, the real "action" starts when a certain criminal Shougo Makashima with no crime coefficient, terrorizes the city. Guys you have to believe me, this is the best villain you'll ever see. He is a brilliant mastermind that does everything with such a joy and ease. The characters are so amazing and interesting whereas the animation is even better. One of the best animation ever! So, Psycho-Pass! MUST WATCH! 


It was so hard to decide the first place between Akatsuki no Yona and Psycho Pass. Yet, in the end I chose Akatsuki no Yona, not because it is better, but because I kinda love it more. I am literary fan-girling all the time about this anime. It is an adventure, comedy, fantasy and romance anime about cute, little princes Yona of the Kouka kingdom. The story starts when the man she loves kills her father and she then escapes with her bodyguard and best friend Son Hak. The background story is actually a legend about four dragons with special powers that served king Hiryu of Kouka. It is an amazing take about a little girl growing up and becoming strong enough to take back her kingdom. It is also hilarious from time to time and you just can´t get enough of it. Too bad, there is no season two announced and the story has not finished. Gladly, the manga is still airing and currently I am waiting for chapter 123. Akatsuki no Yona is definitely my favorite anime and I hope I´ll soon be seeing more of it. I hope that you´ll give it a try! 


Toradora (2008), Tokyo Ghoul (2014) & Tokyo Ghoul A (2015), Tokyo Ravens (2014), Kaze no Stigma/ Stigma of the Wind (2007), Gosick (2011), Garo: Honoo no Kokuin (2014).  

So guys, this is the end of the My Top 5 for this time. I hope this will help you decide the next anime on your "to watch list". Next up is probably one more My top 5, but this time it´ll be about heroes and villains! Thanks for reading!

Your Anime Girl <3


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