"Akatsuki no Yona" Needs Season Two

(A little spoiler alert in the beginning for those who haven't seen the first season!)

First of all hello my dear readers, I hope you're all doing well. I guess you already know from the title what this post might be about. If you didn't pay that much attention, no worreh, I'll tell you. This post is devoted to my probably favorite anime of all. What started as a story of a little 16-year-old princess became a tale I literary fell in love with. Action, adventure, drama, romance...Everything is mixed up in the story of Akatsuki no Yona aka. Yona of the Dawn. After I finished the anime I had to continue reading the manga which is actually unlikely for me, but I did it. I guess all of you that finished the anime recall the scene in the picture above-the highlight of the season. The moment Yona finally becomes a true warrior. Last thing we see in the anime, the group finally meets the last dragon, the Golden dragon called Zeno. What happens next is told in the manga...
Now, the manga is actually the MAIN REASON Akatsuki no Yona needs season 2. It is truly amazing. I must say that I like it more than the first season of the anime. I usually do not believe that a second half can get better, but man, AnY really convinced me that it is possible. But what is now so good in the manga of AnY after the happenings that are told in the anime?

The first thing that comes to my mind is Zeno, the Golden dragon. I've read in many forums that one of the things people don't like in the anime is that the last dragon comes out of nowhere, without any story. True that, you don't get to know Zeno that much in the anime, but the manga and the potential season 2 give a detailed background story about that cute guy. I can surely say that it's one of the most amazing background stories I've read/seen. 
Secondly, why AnY needs season 2 is the drama. I won't tell you much but guess what would happen if one of the dragons fell in love with Yona? I don't know either, it's just an assumption,but I am, let's say, 89% sure that it is true. (If you have read the manga tell me what you think in the comments bellow!) Also, can you imagine the emotionality when two ex-best friends, now sworn enemies, meet again? I'll just tell you that it broke my heart. 
In the end, why AnY needs another season, is the story it self. What looks like a steady filler story about the Water tribe and the nadai incident, is actually the main story line that carries the most important twist and plot highlights. It is amusing, amazing and incredibly catchy making you want to read more chapter by chapter. 
As for me, a great Akatsuki no Yona fan, I can just wait for another season to come out and write in my blog how amazing that would be. 
Now, if you agree with the title: "Akatsuki no Yona needs Season Two" than +1, like and share this with your community and friends! 
Your AnimeGirl <3


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