My Top 5 Anime You Can Watch in Less Than 6h

Kon'nichiwa Minna, 
It's watashi, Anime Girl. I hope you're all doing well. It's a lazy, rainy Sunday evening and I think you all know what fits perfectly with an afternoon like this. A short but good anime, round 12 episodes, desu ne? Good thing is that the anime world is full of short anime that you can watch in less than 6 hours. The problem: which one should you watch? Being someone that loves shorter anime, I probably have in my "completed" list an anime for you, and so I came up with the topic for this particular post: "My Top 5 Anime You Can Watch in Less Than 6h ". Enjoy!

N°5 ONE PUNCH MAN (2015)

Do I really need to talk about this one? One Punch Man was probably the most hyped anime ever. Everyone was crazy about it and as expected it quickly hit the Top 20 of Anime on My Anime List. Ranked #15 OPM has a rating of 8.91 but after watching it, I gave it an 8. OPM doesn't have a story line to follow, nor a solid plot. Things just happen there. You literary watch it because it is so hilarious. The "story" is about a guy called Saitama that, together with his pupil Genos, joins the Hero Association, in order to become a certified Hero. It is just ridiculous.  The main character is an overpowered guy that doesn't seem to know whats happening around him most of the time. His facial expression says: "Wat?". If you want an anime with a story, don't watch it. But if you just want to relax and forget your problems by laughing a little bit, watch the hilarious and action loaded "One Punch Man".

N°4 NO GAME NO LIFE (2014)

This anime belongs to a couple of genres, but the best describing ones would be: adventure, fantasy, game-play and comedy. With a rating of 8,50, NGNL is ranked #98 on My Anime List and certainly deserves a place in my Top 5 short anime. It is a story about Sora and Shiro, a NEET brother and sister who are actually a well-known gamer duo playing under the username "Kuuhaku". One day they suddenly got plunged into a different world called Disboard ruled by Ted, the God of Games. No Game No Life is an anime whose story is not as interesting as the happenings of which it is made of. The way they use strategy and intellect while playing is so intriguing and catchy making your brain work at least a little bit more than usual. The thing that I liked the most is the animation. You should give it a try, No Game No Life! 


Ao Haru Ride or Blue Spring Ride was my first romance anime ever and it was awesome! Ao Haru Ride is ranked #632 and has a rating of 7,92, I gave it an 8. It is a cute story about high school, teenage problems, family and a cute romance. The main character Futaba Yoshioka, was an overly perfect middle school student popular with the boys but mostly hated by the girls because of that. That's why she changes her personality in high school and hopes to find new friends. One thing you should know, the story is not finished. The manga is, but the anime only has one season and I am really hoping for a second one because the manga is great. Drama, fun and plot twists, those are all things that make Ao Haru Ride so awesome. I didn't usually like romance anime but this anime convinced me to give them a try! So you should give this anime definitely a try, too. Ao Haru Ride!


I should watch this anime again... Zenkyou no Terror is a psychological and sociological anime about terrorism. But what looks like an anime about two guys blowing up Tokyo here and there actually turns out to be a story that questions society and politics and the truth behind it. The anime is amazing and very interesting due to all those riddles that the boys Twelve and Nine give before their attack. If the police solves the riddle, the attack won't take place. But as I said in the beginning, they terrorize the city in order to uncover some secrets of the state. There are no bad and good guys, just the ones seeking change, some that try to hide the past and a couple of police officers caught in between trying to protect innocent citizens. How interesting is that? This anime is rated as an 8,28 yet I gave it a 9, because I personally love anime with secret social messages. Zenkyou no Terror!


This anime deserves a better MAL rating than just 8,37. I gave it a 9/10 because it is so amazing. Death parade is a psychological anime that really makes you think about life and society. It leads you to a whole new level of understanding of what or who is good or bad. In the afterlife, two persons take part in a game where it is decided who is going to reincarnate and who will fall into he void. The game-master, Decim, soon changes his own perspective and rule of the "game" after meeting someone who is caught in between due to loss of memories.  It is a drama, psychological and mystery thriller that has amazing characters, awesome background stories and life-questioning scenes. There is not much happening and just when you think it got boring something bumps out and turns your attention upside down making you want more and more. Emotional, dramatical and intriguing! A true No1. in this ranking that is worthy every second of the round 5 h you'll spent watching it. You certainly need to give it a try. DEATH PARADE!


Another (2012), Snow White With the Red Hair (2015), Akuma no Riddle (2014), Schwarzesmarken (2016) and Kyoukai no Kanata (2013).

Fact is, shorter anime don't have enough time for a truly amazing story, but for that episode count these anime did a great job. A lot people don't like anime that are this short but I love them. It is because I get easily bored by one and the same thing so just in time when it might become boring the anime finishes and I have the chance to start a new one. I hope there are more guys out there that love short anime just as I do! And next time you don't know what to do with your Sunday afternoon, look up this post and try one of these anime, I highly recommend all of these.

Your Anime Girl <3

P.S.Comming up "My Top 5 Anime You Can Watch in a Day"! Be sure to check it out too! 


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