You all probably know the feeling when you need to wait for season two of an anime to see how it ends. Awful right? But do you know what's worse than that? It is when you watch an 13-episode-long anime but they take an 5-month-long pause after the 9th episode. While waiting for the 10th episode of this anime I totally forgot about it and finished it just yesterday. And now here is the review for GOD EATER! 

Plot and Story Line

First thing's first, the anime God Eater is actually an adaptation on the same-named game God Eater. Produced by Bandai Visuals, God Eater is an action, adventure, military and supernatural anime with a rating of 7,56. 
As I said in the beginning, the worst thing about this anime were the frequent delays, especially the one after the 9th episode. Now that the anime is finished and the story nearly complete, let´s discuss it.
So, the story of God Eater takes place in post-apocalyptic Japan in the year 2071. The world was nearly destroyed due to monster-like creatures called Aragami. A special organization with the name Fenrir was created to exterminated the Aragami with weapons called God Arcs that are made of Aragami cells. Since the introduction of a new God Arc type, that can change its form, new God Eaters (Aragami exterminators) are introduced and so is our protagonist Utsugi Lenka. The story follows him and his friends in various missions and battles but also a couple of background stories that follow the main characters.
When it comes to the story, it is actually a well-known scenario. Huge, monster-like creatures attack human kind and they need to fight back. Even tough there are so many anime with one and the same topic,  they all kinda develop their own story in between. Thing is, God Eater is an anime that's trying to tech us what humanity really is. It concentrates on some basic rules of society such as "The strong ones survive" and how we sometimes need to obey the stronger ones in order to survive. One thing that is quite often the topic is 'how to chose between two'. It is something we encounter many times in life and the anime surely shows us how to chose. Other, more additional "stories" that would make up the main story in other anime are pushed into the background. Funny is, most of those stores are actually background stories and flashbacks of the past. But they are actually quite good. 
When it comes to our protagonist, Lenka, I would say that his life story is the main story line. Pushed by all the things that happened in the past Lenka fights and craves strength to protect others. That is exactly what drives the whole anime. True that it is also a thing that we´ve seen before (motivational talks, all round Naruto-like optimism) it still catches you kinda emotionally and it doesn't get boring.
In addition to a good story, what made this anime watchable is the action. The action scenes were truly amazing and awesome. Not to talk about the fact that they you have a fight every here and there. I loved it.
On the whole, no plot holes, the story is intriguing and catchy and the background stories are just as interesting as the present story line. Again, it is not just an anime about fighting monsters but it also concentrates on stuff like humanity and society. One more thing: with the last, 13th episode, the anime actually reached its peak, meaning, the story is not over. There is more to it but unfortunately, a second season hasn't been announced yet.


The characters of this anime are...good. Nothing special in particular but I like them. They are all special and to each comes a different story.  You have a couple of leaders, an emotionally unstable but very talented girl, the "Ron Weasley" kind of friend, a typical villain etc. I'd like to talk about at least these two so if you get bored just skip that and move on to the animation and style section.

Utsugi, Lenka is the protagonist in this anime. He is an opinionated and optimistic character, that reminds me of Naruto in some ways, due to his behavior.  Yet, his most important characteristic is the fact that he's willing to give his own life for the sake of his comrades and friends. He's craving strength just to become able to protect people attacked by the aragami but also to protect people from injustice. He's a motivator and leader respected by the others.

Amamiya, Rindou is my favorite character in this anime. The cool, always smoking leader of the first troop of the Far East Branch. He is a veteran with a long career as a God Eater. When it comes to missions, he is a leader like non other and has only three rules: 1. Don't die, 2.If you're about to die, run and 3. If you get the chance kill it. The most important thing for him is the safety of his comrades. He sees Lenka as his successor when it comes to guiding the others in finding the right path in life.

Alisa illinichina Amiella is the main female character in this anime I guess. I put her here because I've always loved strong and independent female characters like her. True, she's not that strong due to a trauma in her childhood. Her parents were killed by an Aragami and so she sometimes falls into shock during a battle and so fails in her mission. Still she has a lot of pride and always says what's on her mind, trying to act thug all the time. I liked her :D.

Animation and Style

Now this is an amazing example when it comes to animation of 2015. The animation of God Eater is outstanding. I loved it. Colorful, bright colors and smooth. Can't be better. 10/10.
When it comes to style...I loved it. I actually started watching because of the animation and style. The style is so unique and is definitely the first anime to try something like this-a kind of watercolor-3D effect. At least I remember it as the first one. It was also obvious that others liked it to because anime like Ajin and Hai to Gensou no Grimgar copied that style. Besides, I am usually not a fan of monster-looks in most anime, but God Eater nailed it. They are really one of a kind and different from everything else you've see.
Conclusion: The animation and style are so good that even if every other aspect like story and characters were bad, it would be worth watching. 


If you don't like anime with the topic of an apocalyptic world destroyed by huge monsters watch God Eater because you'll probably change your opinion about them. If not, than just do because you must not miss such a great animation work. In short, the anime is interesting, the story is rich in good background stories and messages and you get a huge load of action in only 13 episodes. For God Eater : 8/10! 

Your Anime Girl <3 


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