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When you scroll down a bit you'll see the first of two posts I wrote for all the Anime Newbies out there. I wrote some fancy advice for all the guys that just got here, to the huge World of Anime. Of course, only advice wouldn't be enough, and so I am here writing part two of Anime for Newbies, this time with some facts and stuff that every ANIME HEAD should actually know. Now I wonder where to start. Let's try with the question: What does the word ANIME actually mean?
The word ANIME simply just means Animation when translated from Japanese. Yet, in the whole world it is used to define animated cartoons that are produced by Japanese or in Japan. Before Anime became so widely known, so until the 1980s, the word JAPANIMATION was used to describe animation made in Japan. One more thing about the word ANIME: Since it is a Japanese word, and they don't have plurals, the plural form of ANIME is ANIME and not ANIMES. 

What is the one thing that defines most of Anime character? Yes BIG EYES. The one person that is "responsible" for this is non other then the so called "Godfather of Anime". OSAMU TEZUKA is his name, and believe it or not, he was actually inspired by the character looks of the characters he saw in Disney cartoons and movies such as Mickey Mouse or Bambi. Talking about the character looks, what's up with that colorful hair? The colorful hair you see in most anime is actually because of the Color symbolism in Japan. They believe that each color represents something, like for instance a part of a persons personality. So for example you get creative, protective and wise for PURPLE, optimism, cheerful for YELLOW but power, formality and mystery for BLACK. You can easily find pics on the internet about that, it's quite interesting
But, how many anime are actually produced in a year? According to statistics, there are more than 200 anime shows and movies that appear on TV every year in Japan. That makes up 60% of the WORLD'S ANIMATION in a Year. As for manga, in Japan, more paper is used for manga than for toilet paper
And you're also probably asking What's the longest running anime ever? The answers is Sazae-San. That's the name of the anime that started airing in 1969. Funny fact about it, after 7071+ episodes the anime is still running and is still being produced. By the way, the producers of this anime, Fuji TV are also the producers of One Piece, Psycho-Pass, Guilty Crown, Hellsing, Dragon Ball etc.
How do we usually call a person that loves anime and manga? Right, an OTAKU. But did you know that in Japan, Otaku is a term to describe a person that is highly obsessed with something (doesn't have to be anime) to an "unhealthy" measure. So if you ever get the chance to meet Japanese people don't introduce your self as Otaku.
The first anime that was streamed outside Japan was Astroboy, and in time anime has become so popular that in Japan there are more than 130 Voice acting schools. Talking about school, if you want to be a professional Manga artist, you have to go trough a 7-year-long manga artist school.
And in the end, what is your favorite production studio? Mine is definitely Studio Pierrot (Naruto, Bleach, Akatsuki no Yona...). Yet, the most famous and beloved production studio is said to be Studio Ghibli with more than 93 production works.

So my dear readers, these are just some facts about anime, the most interesting I actually found. If you have more interesting stuff feel free to share it in the comments down bellow.

Your Anime Girl <3


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