ANIME Advice for Newbies

This post is devoted to all you guys who just got to the huge World of "Japanimation". A short post for all you that need some advice on how to make it trough the this mess we call ANIME! Why I decided to write a post on this topic? Easy, I remember me being an "Anime-beginner", and because I know what you're going trough now, I decided to write the next, actually two  posts just for you. And now, on this lovely Tuesday evening,the first post for newcomers: ANIME Advice for Newbies.

First of all, WELCOME! As I said in the beginning, I remember me, turning into a "Full-time Anime Girl" and how it was hard to find something good to watch, or something I might like. And here we come to my first advice for Anime newbies:
1.Talk with someone with the same interests as you-The person that drew my attention to anime was my best friend and as such, she knew exactly what I like and what not. You also probably have someone close to talk to about anime. If not, here is the my second advice:
2.You have Google-Seriously, you have Google. The internet is now full of blogs, web-pages, forums etc. about anime. My recommendation: My Anime List. It is a web page where you can manage your Anime List and find info, reviews and recommendations on every anime that exists, like E-V-E-R-Y. And if that also doesn't help you, you still have YouTube. YouTube is full of AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and Anime Trailers that are just waiting, and if you ask me, I always trust an AMV more then the rating on MAL.

When I look back at my childhood, I have to say that I was a pretty good AnimeGirl even then. I recall watching DBZ, One Piece, Pokemon, Digimon Adventure, Detective Conan, Sailor Moon etc. and now I just don't feel like watching. Reactions of others:"What an AnimeGirl are you not watching the best anime. Don't waste your time on other trash?" Now let me tell you this and so come to my third advice:
3.Don't let others tell you what to like-There will always be that one person who will love something everyone else hates, and vice-versa. And if you happen to be that one that loves the worst anime ever, don't let other people tell you to stop watching it. This actually applies "backwards" too. If you meet that "one" person don't call him an idiot because he/she likes the worst anime ever. 

When you look at the picture on the left, you'll see the Top5 of The Most Popular Anime ever on My Anime List. I know that they all are awesome anime, masterpieces like non other even though I haven't seen them all. Yes, I admit I don't have Attack on Titan and FMA:B on my "Completed" list. They are actually both on my "Dropped" list after the first episode which brings me to the forth advice for you:
4.Don't force your self-I really tried watching both of them, but I just didn't feel like it. I actually started Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood twice, but I stopped. It was just the same with Code Geass and Death Note, but one day, I just got that "click" in my head and opened the first episode and ended up watching everything in two or three days. The point is, maybe it's not your type of anime, so don't force your self to watch it. Go enjoy other good anime and just wait for that "click".  

And my last advice:
5.You'll get used to it- I once saw Baccano! on a Projector screen in the dorm together with a Non-anime-watcher (she was bored). She stopped watching when she saw the blood-bath in the anime. Later on she asked me how I could watch that, my answer: "I got used to it". With this I am not just talking about blood, I am also talking about things like fan service, the ongoing screaming, over-reactions, high-pitched voices, Japanese culture stuff, things normal in Japan but not in your country (ex.the girl falling in love with the her first and closest cousin),  16-year-olds living alone etc. Other people may judge anime because of that but that's just normal, at least in Japan.

These are my Five advice for you Anime Newbies out there. One extra advice: Check out my blog for more info on anime I have watched and feel free to ask for more! Coming up:
Facts and Stuff an Anime Head Should Know! See ya!
Your AnimeGirl! 


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