Thank You for the 10.000

What a great day! Why? Well if you look at the "Total Pageviews" number on my blog you'll see the number 10.028. World of Anime Girl reached its 10k pageviews today and it's only because of you. And I want to thank you! Hvala, Thanks, Danke, Arigato, Merci, Xiexie, Grazie, Gracias, Tesekkür ederim...(I used as many as I know)! 
When I look back on the 28th of July, 2015, and my first blog-post, I'd never imagined I will come this far. And look, 44 posts later and I got to the 10k. My first anime review was on the anime "Another", and my first non-review post was "Anime on TV". I have to say that I improved much since that time. 

I'll make this post short because I just wanted to thank YOU, because you are readying all this stuff I write. If you like it, hit the SUBSCRIBE button, or find me on intagram @aniblogger, twitter @AnimeGirl_03 and on My Anime List also under AnimeGirl_03! And for those who maybe don't like my blog...okay, just tell me what you don't like, I don't have anything against some feedback either. And in the end if you have an idea for a cool and interesting topic for my next post, let me know! 

Your AnimeGirl <3


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