Boruto:Naruto the Movie: ANIME REVIEW

I don't know if you get this feeling sometimes, but from time to time I just don't feel like watching an anime. Especially when I just finish watching one. What do I do at times like that? Easy, I watch an anime movie.
Some time ago, I wasn't aware that movies can be as good as the anime it self. And today I watched a very special movie. After introducing us Boruto in Naruto: Gaiden and The Last: Naruto the Movie, Masashi Kishimoto decided to make one more movie about the new generation in The Hidden Lead Village. Today's review, on Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Since it is just a movie, I'll skip my usual review sections and just talk about it freely. But first of all, SPOILER ALERT (If you haven't read the Naruto manga til the end)!

Naruto, finally grown up, finally the HOKAGE. His dream, and our dream I think finally came true but it is not that easy, even for the hero of the village. Even tough he is Konoha's hero, he is also has to be the hero of little Himawari and Boruto, his children. In the middle of the story, the older son Boruto, who is not a great fan of his father being the Hokage. He is working all the time, and he doesn't have much time for his family. Boruto feeling frustrated wants nothing else but his father's attention. Good that the jounin exams are on the way where Boruto finally wants to show his father how strong he is.

Reason I loved this movie? The feels come back. All the time spent with Naruto, crying, cheering, hoping...Everything is back, just with a lot new young faces being at the same level Naruto was in the beginning. It really puts a smile on my face seeing Sakura again, Sasuke, Hinata, Shikamaru, the whole crew. And what's more important, their children. I can't describe the feeling I had watching it again. And I have to admit, it even made me cry at one point.
The story of the movie is emotional on one side, and action-loaded on the other. You get the best of Naruto in 1h and 35min, approximately.

When the movie started (in Eng SUB), I was 100% sure that something wasn't right. Not the animation, it was great, and sure a bit different. (Ah, how the time passes). It were not the characters, they were also cool. And than it came to my mind. It was not in Japanese. Background info: The Japanese DUB version could only have been seen in Cinemas in Japan, but the Koreans made their own DUB and it somehow leaked into public. Soon English subtitles were made and now the whole internet is full of a Naruto movie with Korean DUB and English SUB. Still, it is watchable, can't deny that one. But it sure is strange as hell.

So if you don't mind hearing a bit Korean instead of Japanese, go and enjoy the Eleventh Naruto Movie: Boruto! I am sure you will love it.


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