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Lately, I've been browsing trough the forum on My Anime List and I came across a very interesting question. The topic of the discussion was something like "What makes an anime perfect?". There were many answers and being as curious as I am I checked them out. I did just flicked trough but I grasped the stuff that people value the most on an anime. Here are some answers that caught my eye (I hope nobody gets mad because I quoted them :D) :

In this 40th blog-post, I'll write my usual anime review structure but not on a particular anime. I'll write, or at least try to write a review on My Perfect Anime! I believe this will be fun. Now let's start.  

Plot and Story Line

How does a perfect anime Plot and Story Line look for the AnimeGirl? Well the first thing that comes to my mind is that it has to be intriguing and it has to keep you on tenterhooks the whole time. It must not have any minute of boredom. Just as the first quote above "A masterpiece can't have moments when you wish an episode to end". And that's absolutely true. It needs something unpredictable, something new every time, a good fight from time to time (not just real action fights), a plot twist. Oh, plot twists are something great if done well. There are some anime that had a sudden plot twist and it just resulted in a catastrophe. In my opinion, it really takes huge ingenuity to create something new today. Nowadays, there are more than 11.300 anime just in the MAL database now imagine how hard it is for the creators to come up with something new. Hat down for their ingenuity. And than there is Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto. His ingenuity kinda exceeds everything, wouldn't you agree? Still, it is possible and as a proof you have all that new anime that are also as good as some of the masterpieces from the past. Anime that have great stories with a 10/10 are for instance Code Geass and Psycho-Pass. Next with a 9/10 are definitely Akatsuki no Yona, Arslan Senki, Garo and Death Parade. Well also a "must mention" are Death Note, Naruto, Fairy Tail, just the classics. Also a very important thing is smoothness. Sudden happenings that kind bomb the story from all sides without a reason are bad. Better to keep it smooth not loosing the tie to the main story. And in the end I have to mention a solid plot. Anime without a plot or let's say a main story line kinda become boring by the time. If it only relies on the side stories it looses its meaning, kinda. It is mostly because the main protagonist doesn't have his main antagonist. Take One-Punch Man, I gave it a 9/10, because it didn't keep my attention the whole time. It was epic in all aspects, but it lack in a solid plot. 

The things that are most likely to ruin a good plot are plot holes. I don't expect of anime to reveal details about every single thing that was mentioned, but if there appears a thing that for instance changes a whole city and the life in it, don't end it without telling where it came from. There are several anime that are a good example of that (Darker than Black). And one more thing that can ruin anime follows a bad plot twist. The how I call it "Mid-episode Catastrophe". It happens all the time. Everything is awesome, couldn't be better, and than in the middle, on the approximately 11-13 episode (of a 24-25 ep. long anime), they decide to extend the anime with some stupid thing like a bad plot twist or a new enemy. Just let it be. A perfect example, Zetsuen no Tempest.

To conclude, when talking about a good anime plot and story line, I think everybody will firstly mention that it has to be interesting. I mean that's kinda clear. Uniqueness is definitely the key to a masterpiece anime and omitting some stupid mistakes like plot holes. Make the story unique, the plot complete and be careful. That's my message for all the producers out there.


I love talking about anime characters. There are so many good and so many bad characters in the anime world and I could discuss every one of them, on condition I have watched the anime of course. Now let me say it like this. For me, A perfect character is an imperfect character. A character that is perfect is boring as hell, especially when it is the main character. A perfect main character just results in "0" character development and most likely in a boring story. The main character has to have some flaws that keep the story interesting or that he/she wants to fix. A perfect character is also predictable and that's the last thing an anime should be. My favorite characters usually have a strong character but still have that one weak point. That kinda makes them special in his/her own way. But who are some awesome characters. I did two blog-posts on my favorite Male and Female characters. But my opinion did change a bit. Now from the ladies, I loved Kallen Kouzuki (Code Geass), Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), and Yona (Akatsuki no Yona). From the male characters my definite favorites are Shougo Makashima (Psycho-Pass), Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) and Son Hak (Akatsuki no Yona). 

  Animation and Style

Nowadays, it is kinda impossible to make an anime with a bad animation. I don't remember a single anime from 2015 with a bad animation. From the "older" anime Code: Geass definitely topped all with its animation being produced in 2006. Also in 2012 the animation wasn't that great but Psycho Pass definitely deserves a 10/10 for it's animation. What an anime can do today to make it awesome is it's style. They can add something new in style to be unique. Just think about God Eater, I was overwhelmed by it. It was really something new and I already saw one anime from the upcoming winter 2016 season with the same idea. Also, I liked the style of Ao Haru Ride. They added some special details into their animation style making it a bit different from all the other anime. As said, today's anime are all awesome in animation just the style varies and that gives each anime it's own "taste".


So, for an anime to be a masterpiece it has to have everything: an intriguing plot, an epic story, awesome and interesting characters, a good animation and a unique style. Still, when you look at it this way you can't compare an action anime with a slice of life to choose the better one. Every anime has its own qualities that make it a masterpiece in its own category. The anime that I have rated as masterpieces for now are: Psycho-Pass, Code:Geass, Naruto and Fairy Tail. These four are anime that make it hard for me to explain why I love them so much. It is just the feeling that you get: "Yes, it is a masterpiece". 

Your AnimeGirl <3 


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