Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil): ANIME REVIEW

We have seen so many gods in anime, right? Well, this anime takes the god-man relationship on a whole new level. The first 2017 anime I am reviewing today is a Military, Action, Magic anime produced by Media Factory and AT-X rated with a 8.21 by the users on My Anime List. According to the rating it must be good...and trust me when I say, it really was. Enjoy my review on Youjo Senki aka. Saga of Tanya the Evil.


Youjo senki follows little Tanya, a girl whose cute appearance sometimes covers up her evil and ruthless self that got her the nickname "Devil of the Rhine". The 'devil' that resides inside of her body is the soul of a man that was reincarnated as a little girl into a world of magical warfare. In the moment of his death, the man meets 'Being-X', the self-proclaimed, God that wants to convince the man into believing in GOD. He of course refuses, and so gets reincarnated into a cruel and rough world where he would find his faith. The man, now Tanya, accepts it as a challenge and fights her way trough the world by becoming a magician-soldier and later on a extremely successful major whose war tactics drive the Empire in becoming one of the most powerful nations in Man's history. 
The story itself is really interesting and catchy, and the whole 'Cat-and-Mouse' game between Tanya and Being-X gives it more depth and also more entertainment.  

What wrapped everything together into an amazing story was definitely its setting. After the reincarnation the man was sent to the beginning of the 20th century, into the poverty and the harsh life that marked the years before the first world war. Of course, it is a alternate version of Europe at that time with 'Germany' as the Empire, 'France' as the Republic etc. 
Now what breaks all the ordinary and mainstream military genre of the anime was definitely the bit of magic and sci-fi. It is some kind of techno-magic that was fused with the weaponry that each country was using.  The only pity of this anime was that they didn't do more with that magic. All the weapons were based on one and the same concept but as I always say, at least they didn't make giant robots. 

The action and the fights are also outstanding. Very thrilling and exciting always following a tactic but with many elements of surprise. The star of most fights was clearly Tanya. Her crazy and daring self put her in a lot of dangerous situations but she of course always found a way out of it. 
On the whole, you have an extremely entertaining and thrilling military action with a couple of really good plot twists, no plot-holes, a bit of magic for the fantasy fans and of course an absolutely interesting setting for history fans.  



When it comes to the characters, I firstly want to mention the outstanding character design. They all look so amazing, especially the main characters such as Tanya, Viktoriya, Hans, Erich and so on. Clearly distinguishable from characters of other anime, yet when it comes to personalities I can't say that they were really good. Of course, the lead character is an exception given the most attention in the anime. Tanya's wit, cleverness, ruthlessness and a bit of madness were kinda refreshing and gave the anime that little extra. The other characters were also good. They had some really unique personalities and they were actually given character, but I didn't see much development in any of them. The only character I saw evolving was Viktoriya Serebryakova. She started as a bit weak and scared official but later on became a really brave and strong lieutedant. The only thing I don't get are her eyes. All the other eyes look normal but hers are big and blue and look really creepy. 



This was definitely heaven for my eyes. As mentioned, amazing character design. amazing animation, outstanding backgrounds, flawless fight sequences...I cannot name one thing regarding animationa and style that wasn't good. Well welcome to 2017 I guess. There is no bad animation in 2017. The only thing that can go wrong here is a bad, boring style and design which is not the case in Youjo Senki. In one word: FLAWLESS. 



I didn't watch many Winter 2017 anime, but I certainly will and I am even more sure that after all I'll still be thinking that Youjo Senki is one of the best anime of the season. It has an extremely interesting story, an amazing setting, entertaining characters and a flawless animation. This anime has something for everyone and I'd really like to know if there was someone disappointed about it.


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