Four Most Annoying Prejudices About Anime

How many times has it happend to you? You mention anime and there in the corner sits the typical hater and says something like: "Anime? Are you kidding me? Why do you watch that?". And when I say typical hater I mean that person that talks bad about stuff even though he/she has never tried or watched it before.
This post is devoted to all those who have prejudices about or even hate what we otaku love so much without knowing what it actually is. Welcome to ANIME 101: Today I'll be explaining four of the most annoying cliche prejudices about anime. I hope you enjoy and learn something at the same time. 📖

First of all, guess what is the first thing every non-anime watcher asks. Of course, Aren't you too old to watch anime? Anime is for kids. So let's clear this out right in the beginning. No, anime is not just for kids. True, there are many anime that are aimed at that age-group including the ones we all watched as kids. Examples are of course Pokemon, Digimon Adventures, Case Closed, Yu-gi-oh etc. Thing is, even though anime are animated it doesn't mean that they are cannot be serious. I guess most of the kids are not interested in mysteries, horror or seinen anime and there are many fantasy and Sci-Fi anime with a mature setting. Besides, there are a lot of anime that are age restricted, most of them because of the brutality and there are also anime with provocatively content. Point is, just like every other TV show that exists, anime is just animated with a broad range of content from childish to mature.

Another question I get a lot as the Anime Girl. How many episodes of anime are there? Doesn't it get boring watching all the same? Non-anime watching guys, anime is not just one single series. There are thousands of different anime shows in many different genres. Each show has its own story, its own characters, a different plot etc. Anime is just a name for all the animation produced in Japan. 

The next statement is a real trigger: Anime is for losers and NEETs. No, not anyone that watches anime is a loser. There are many anime fans (I know, and am one as well) that manage to coordinate or adjust their social, university/school life with the free time in which they watch anime. And if we happen to watch a bit more than usual than it just means we found some extra free time. True, there are some people that literary waste their life and just watch anime or play video-games, but watching anime doesn't make us an instant NEET. Most of us are just humble anime fans so let us be please. Arigato! 

And last but not least...I know some anime might have specific content aka. hentai. But not all of us watch that. Besides, there are many, including me that hate it. I really don't care if you do watch heintai, or if you like it, but to the non-anime watchers out there, not all of us anime fans are into that kind of stuff. Not all of us are sick, perverted, waifu-pillow-marrying idiots. And even though many anime might have some fan service, it doesn't mean it is ecchi. It does make a show less enjoyable sometimes but get used to it. 

So these are mine Four Most Annoying Anime Prejudices. Have you heard of more? Tell me in the comments bellow what statement or question annoyed you the most. See you next time! 


  1. My 'favorite' prejudice is the "no reason" explanation; somebody tells you that they don't like anime, and when you ask them if they have actually watched an anime, any anime, and what they didn't like about it, they reply with: "Um... No. I don't know." :')
    Don't judge a book before you read it. ;)

    1. How come I skipped that one HAHAHA! I totally agree :D

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