BORUTO Chapter 11: Manga Discussion

Greetings Minna-san, 
The first Boruto episode is just 15 days away and I seriously can't wait to watch it. Today, as a monthly release, the first chapter of the second Boruto manga arc came out and of course, I read it immediately. 

The first arc, that was somewhat covered in the movie, ended with a great twist that promises much excitement in the chapters to follow. After defeating Momoshiki his ghost appears before Boruto and remarks his bloodline of Senju mixed with Hyuuga making an ominous prophecy for the blue-eyed-kid:
"Those blue eyes of yours will one day take everything away form you...for once you have killed a god, you'll never be the same again."
It is later revealed that he leaves Boruto with a curse mark on his palm.
Chapter 11, begins with a new mission for Konohamaru's team. Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki must catch three thieves that robbed a bank in the village.  Of course, Boruto is not all in it, still thinking about the talk he had with Sasuke before he left. Sasuke was also able to see Momoshiki's ghost that appered afterwards and told Boruto to inform him if something strange starts happening regarding his curse mark. 
After the mission, Boruto get's a call from Konohamaru-sensei for another mission, though Boruto is not that excited about it. Since the Feudal Lord of the Land of Fire is in town to attend a very important ceremony, Boruto is charge to be the bodyguard of his way too annoying son. 
My thoughts of this chapter? First of all, I love Sarada. She is a strong and extremely clever young ninja that kinda inherited the best attributes of each of her parents. I can't wait to see more of her. 
As for the story development, I am so excited. The manga stars off with an intriguing prophecy that definitely caught every readers attention.  A mystery right in the beginning. Also, I am really interested to know what is so special about Boruto's bloodline being a Senju-Hyuuga mix. There are so many questions, so many theories and I just can't wait for the next chapter to be released. The only thing I hate about the manga is the fact that it is a monthly release. Well, we'll have to wait I guess. 
What do you think about the manga so far and what do you expect from the anime? Let me know in the comments bellow and stay tuned for more discussions here on World of Anime Gril. See ya! 


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