My Top 5 Favorite Anime Powers

Action and fantasy have always been my favorite two anime genres because they are entertaining, thrilling and exciting. Seeing many action and fantasy anime, I watched many different supernatural and fantasy powers. And with many, I mean a huge amount. From magic and summoning to random esper powers and today's post is devoted to the best 5 and My Top 5 Favorite Anime Powers. Enjoy!

No.5 BLOOD CONTROL (Deadman Wonderland) 

I know this might not be one of the most epic powers in the anime world, but I really enjoyed watching this one. The best thing about this power is how every user actually adapts to it and creates his or her own fighting style. The style on the other hand is a thing of personality that is reflected in the way the user fights and uses his power. A power you always have there when you need it, kinda practical. Before watching Deadman Wonderland I actually thought that it might be disgusting, watching so much blood. But the makers really did a good job and the battles really looked epic. Not to mention the last fight in the manga...but no spoilers. 


I have allready talked about Konan's powers in the previous Character Spotlight (If you want to read more about her and her power follow this link). This is with great extend my favorite Naruto power because it is so unique. I mean, Naruto is full of amazing and different powers, but Konan developed hers from her passion for origami. Her paper jutsu is beautiful in first place and just looks cool. Seeing her fight and all the different techniques that she developed is epic. The most amazing one is how she actually turns herself into thousands of paper sheets. Also, Konan is one of the strongest characters in the series making even Obito have a thug time.

No.3 ERZA'S REQUIP (Fairy Tail)

I think you can guess that Erza is along with Mavis my favorite female character from the Fairy Tail series. Still Mavis' power is just half as epic as Erza's. Requip is such an amazing and epic power that made me watch some of Erza's fights all over again. In addition to that, Erza is a bad-ass woman and a true warrior. Requip fits her personality and covers up her one weakness-the fear of not being able to save the ones closest to her. Seeing her change from one armor to another was always incredible and entertaining as hell. At this point I want to share my sadness with you because the manga is in its final volume. *feels*.

No. 2 SERAPHIM/ SHEPHERD POWERS (Tales of Zestiria the X)

One of my favorite currently airing anime, Tales of Zestiria the X got me with its fantasy setting, beautiful animation and amazing powers. The Seraph-Shepherd powers in the anime are so intriguing because they actually have a story and one of my favorites because they follow and ancient myth, a legend. Since Avatar: The Last Airbender I have been in love with powers that involve the four elements fire, water, air and earth. In Tales of Zestiria the X  Seraphim carry those powers and kinda give them over to the Shepherd that purifies demons. My favorite two seraphim were Mikleo and Laylah, the water and fire seraphim. The powers in this anime were so beautifully done and I just hope that we will see more anime like this. 


And we are at the first place. I always say, the Fate anime have the best settings I have ever seen. The whole story about the Holy Grail War, the Servants and the magic is just amazing. In addition to that great stories and beautiful animation made the Fate series even more enjoyable. The power of summoning 7 different servant classes got me right in the beginning and just by reading what it was all about I became an instant fan. The fights are all incredible and extremely entertaining, especially the fact that they summon spirits from the past such as King Arthur, Alexander the Great, Gilgamesh etc. Gilgamesh is definitely my favorite servant of all despite being a jerk throughout the whole series. 
Today's winner: The Servant Summoning powers of the Fate Series.

-Alchemy (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
-Dragoon Powers (Akatsuki no Yona)
-Techno Magic (An Irregular at Magic High School)
-Ghoul Powers (Tokyo Ghoul)
-Classical Magic (Tokyo Ravens)

So, this is it for today. I hope you liked today's Top 5 and be sure to tell me your favorite anime power. If you want to see more Top 5 lists from the Anime Girl, check them out under this link. See ya next time! 


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