FAIRY TAIL 528: Manga Discussion

I think it was about time. I was thinking about doing this for some time now, but never actually get the chance. Since I don't watch many currently airing anime to discuss each new episode, I decided to do manga discussions. From now on, visit World of Anime Girl each week and take a glance at the currently airing manga I am reading which would be: Fairy Tail, Akatsuki no Yona, ReLIFE and Boruto (if the manga continues that is). And the first chapter to be discussed today, Fairy Tail chapter 528: "Evil Dragon". Enjoy!


After a long and emotional fight with her mother Erza and Wandy encounter their next enemy, but this time it is not someone they hope to be able to defeat. In front of them, Acnologia, who is enjoying in stomping on Eileen's (Erza's mother) dead body. Soon, he figures that Wendy is a dragon slayer and he starts to attack.
Luckily for the two, Jellal arrives and saves them. However, his attacks seem useless because Acnologia just devours the magic without even getting a scratch. Afterwards, Acnologia transforms into his dragon form and in the act of launching his first attack he gets hit by Christina, the ship of Blue Pegasus.  
On the ship, Ichiya introduces the 'key' that could save everyone from Acnologia. Who that is, will be revealed next week in chapter 529: "Teaxcher".

But if you look closely at the image to the right...I think you can see the resemblance to the Heartfilia women. I read several forum discussions and many are thinking that it is no other but Anna Heartfilia, a Heartfila ancestor and Celestial Sprit Mage that lived round 400 years ago. It was Anna that helped Zeref send Natsu and the other Dragon slayers to the future and it was her that knit Natsu's scarf. I, as many others, believe that she managed to travel trough time and come to the future in order to save the world from Acnologia.
Now I want to ask you. Who so you think is the 'key' that we see on the last page pf chapter 528? Do you believe it is Anna or someone else? Tell me in the comments below and see you next week with a brand new discussion on chapter 529: "Teacher".


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