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Konnichiwa Minna-san,
I hope you all feel the spring vibes just as I do sitting outside, enjoying the sun and of course writing a new post here on World of Anime Girl. I guess you are all familiar with today's topic and that you have at least done it once in your life. Online Quizzes.  I have done a couple of anime personality quizzes because they are interesting, funny and I don't know, I guess I am just too curious even when it comes to myself. For today, I picked a couple of funny quizzes I really want to share with you. So, let's get started and don't forget to post your results in the comments bellow. I am looking forward to it!

*to do the quiz click on the underlined subtitles of each*


Okey, you totally have to do this quiz. I have already  talked about the hair color symbolism that most anime refer to in previous blog posts. Black hair means mysterious, Red energetic, White innocent, Blue wise etc. When I did the quizz I got PINK as my result. According to that I am a benevolent, feminine, youthful, cheerful, cute, orderly and gullible person which, to be honest, actually describes me. Click on the subtitle above and do the quiz to find out what hair color would you have, if you were in the anime world.
This one is a must for every Fairy Tail fan. I already talked about this in a previous blog post too, about anime powers. The topic was: If you had any anime power, what would it be? (Here the link for the post). My answer was of course magic. Magic like the magic from the Fate series or from Fairy Tail. That's why I did the quiz mentioned above and my result was: REQUIP, the power of Erza Scarlet. I was really happy about that result considering the fact that she is my favorite character from the anime. What power would you have? Find out.


This one is also very precise. Even though I thought that I'd get Tsundere as my result, I actually got a 'dere' type I never heard of, DEREDERE. Still, it does describe my personality being entirely sweet and energetic person that, even if something goes wrong, just gets right back up and becomes the usual cheerful self. And one short notice, guys can also do this quiz, it is not just for girls. 


Now this is a funny one. Who in the anime world would be your best friend and why? And guess, I actually got LIGHT YAGAMI as my anime BFF. The result says: We are both intelligent and see the world from a different point of view compared to others. How cool is that. You really have to do this one!


This quiz was interesting because it puts you into different scenarios where you decide on what to do. My result was SUZUME, which means Nature when translated into English. it says: I love the outdoors and have a green thumb and animals of all kind love me (partially true). I space out sometimes but am probably artistically tallented (which is true). 

So, these are my five recommendations on anime personality quizzes that you can do for fun. If you did some interesting quizzes share them here with us and also don't forget to tell me the results of you do any of these. This would be all for today and see you soon! Ja-na! 


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