It's the 15th of December my dear readers and anime fellows and I hope you all know what that means. Today is the day of all you anime and manga addicts that live in this crazy and colorful world. AnimeGirl wishes you a Happy World Otaku Day, and as addition I spent some time to draw something cute. I hope you like this drawing on the left ( Yes, I do draw a lot, especially in class). Being World Otaku Day I didn't care about my English book, that needs to be read until tomorrow. I spent my whole afternoon watching Noragami Aragoto which is by the way awesome. Can't wait to write a review on the second season. Episode 12/13 will arrive on Friday and I'm truly looking forward to watching it. I hope you also had a nice Otaku day and if Yes, tell me how you spent it! One more time, HAPPY WORLD OTAKU DAY and be safe! 
Your AnimeGirl <3 


  1. Happy Otaku Day! And greetings from Japan!


    1. Thank you! I appreciate it especially because it is from Japan!


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