Zetsuen no Tempest/ Blast of Tempest (2012)

I am writing this anime review circa one year after watching it. I did have to "refresh" my memories but some things were not forgotten. For instance the fact that you can relate the whole story to Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and "The Tempest". What's funny the anime has Tempest in its title, and considering this, today's anime review is on "Zetsuen no Tempest" or " Blast of Tempest".


It's really hard to decide where to start this story. Let's try it like this. You have a brother whose adopted sister has been killed. The boyfriend of the sister is his best friend, but he doesn't know that. Then there is a princess who is the strongest mage in the world but  has been left on a lonely island by her own clan because she would stop them in some evil plan. One day, their paths cross and the story of Zetsuen no Tempest begins. 
Hakaze Kusaribe, the princess of all sorcerers was stuffed into a barrel and stranded on a lonely island where she can't use magic. Still she somehow manages to get in touch with a guy over a wooden doll that he wears as a necklace. That guy was Fuwa Mahiro. He agreed to help her stop the evil leader of her clan, Samon, but only under one condition. She will use her magic and find the murderer of his sister Fuwa Aika. After being away for about two months Yoshino Takigava, finaly get's to see his best friend again while visiting the grave of his dead girlfriend Aika. He was very surprised to see his friend being able to cast magic but after explaining everything to him Yoshino decides to help Mahiro in achieving his one goal. To revenge his younger sister Aika. 
This is how the whole story starts. An awesome battle between good and evil begins. A story full of magic, action fights, drama, mystery etc. It was epic...In the first eight episodes at least, and maybe in the last four. The part from 9-20 was just crap. It was so disappointing. I mean I expected an awesome story trough out the whole show but in the end I was just happy it was over. Now why? 
First of all, the thing that made me nearly quit the show was the middle of the show. Now I don't want to spoil anything, but in the part I expected the most action becomes just a dialog that lasted for four episodes if I remember. Yeah, just talk your opponent to death. That was so boring, the magic was gone, the action was gone and so did the entertainment. It was gone. 
Secondly, the huge amount of plot holes. I think I mentioned plot holes in a lot of reviews  but it's because I really hate them. Zetsuen no Tempest is after Darker than Black and An Irregular at Magic High School the one with the most plot holes. 
Now, the third thing. I really have nothing against plot twists. I like them actually because of that surprise and the sudden change, but. Yeah there is a but. If the twists are bad and they just shatter all the good things of a show, well that makes me rather sad. The whole show looses its sense, the characters become boring, the plot goes nowhere and you just loose your will of continuing watching it. 
It's a pity because the show starts indeed very good. The idea behind the anime is intriguing  and the whole plot and story was nicely imagined. 
Now to the things that made me watch Zetsuen no Tempest till the end. THE FLASHBACKS. Although being dead the whole time, Aika gets a huge importance in the show trough all the flashbacks. And believe me, the flashbacks are the ones that kept the show going on. Also one awesome thing, as I mentioned in the intro, the connection with Hamlet and The Tempest. The seek for revenge from Hamlet and the injustice of "fate controlling" from The Tempest gave the show that pinch of uniqueness. I really enjoyed trying to find connections to these works and listening to Aika's quotations. 
An awesome plot that looses it self a bit in the middle but finds it self in the end again. 


I will start with my favorite character in this anime. Fuwa Mahiro is a hot-headed, aggressive and a persistent young boy. He has only one goal in his life and he will do anything to accomplish it. In his wish for revenge he does a lot spontaneous  and  unpredictable things putting his own life unconsciously one the line. He has his own principles and doesn't care a lot about what others think. He is also a guy who has that older brother complex wanting to protect Aika from all harm in the world. Sadly, he is not able to do so blaming him slef for her death trough out the whole anime. Now the thing I mostly liked about him is that he was different. His behavior and his looks really are incomparable to any other anime character. I love unique.

Next on the main character list is Mahiro's best and I think only friend Yoshino Takigava. Now this guy is the complete opposite of Mahiro. While the one does everything without thinking, Yoshino firstly thinks everything trough and then makes a proper decision. He is also gentle and rather shy, making him look like a shrinking violet. He is also very clever and reasonable for his young age. His intelligence was the only bright point of the dark middle (episode) age of Zetsuen no Tempest. Yoshino is also one of the guys that keeps his emotions inside not letting the world know how he really feels. "Even if I cry, nothing will change" says Yoshiro while talking about Aika once. A very sensitive guy who is just afraid of showing his true feelings. 

Nah, there she is. Fuwa Aika. The only dead person of the show that affects it the most at the same time. First thing that has to be said about this girl is her ability to control the mind of others. She really is talented in lying, manipulating and faking. I mean it is hard to be a nice and cute little sister in one moment and in an instance to change your personality completely. Although looking very strong and independent Aika becomes just another victim of a tragedy written by someone else, saying that was just her fate. She always believed that every pesron has his own fate and that he has no power to change it. Basicaly, she is going with the flow,not even trying to take her fate into her own hands.

And this my dear readers is the strongest sorcerer of all. Princess Hakaze Kusaribe  is introduced as a badass, strong character who can cast some awesome magic. A very interesting and likable character that also becomes a victim of the midpoint, because after the eleventh episode she becomes nothing else than an annoying and generic tsundere whose main weakness becomes a stupid crush. She is even willing to give up her life because she is afraid that  her love might affect her mission. Come on, what happened to the mastermind from the beginning who made it to think of a perfect plan of how to take back her clan again? Thanks, anime makers, for this disappointing character. 


Now, if there is one thing that is worth talking about in this anime than animation. It is awesome. As always Bones production did a great job as most of the anime from 2012. Just watching the action scenes makes you realize how awesomely everything is done. The colors, the effects, the "spell castin", everything. I have a bad animation complex. I easily quit watching anime with a bad animation. Hellsing for instance, but let's talk about it some other time. But what makes the animation stand out is still the style. The characters, especially Mahiro and Yoshino, really look kinda different, but definitely in a good way. Great job and a good reason to try to forgive the midpoint catastrophe. 


It is really hard to conclude an anime such as Zetsuen no Tempest. The beginning, or let's say the first ten episodes were indeed awesome, and they promised a lot. But after that the only thing left is great disappointment. It does comes back in the last few episodes but that's not it. Just think how many people quit watching. However, you can't say that it is not worth giving it a try. If you like more drama than action then, Zetsuen no Tempest would be anime for you. But of you are more an action fan then watch the first ten episodes, read what will happen in the next ten, and than finish watching the last four episodes. My rating 6,99.

 Your AnimeGirl <3 


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