Noragami Aragato: ANIME REVIEW

I literary waited for four hours on the net for the last episode of this anime's second season. I couldn't wait to see what would happen because it was one of the most intriguing anime I have ever seen this year. After the very good first season of Noragami in 2014, the Fall 2015 season brought us Noragami Aragato, and believe me or not, this is one of the rare cases where I found the second season better than the first. This won't be a standard review because most of you probably know about characters and animation of Noragami. If not, check out my review on the first season under THIS LINK. And now let me review this. Just for you, NORAGAMI ARAGOTO

Plot and Story Line

What else to say than PERFECT! I loved the story and the plot of the second season much more than of the first one. It was intriguing, inspiring, emotional, action-loaded etc. It was really awesome. 
First of all the plot. It kinda consists of two parts. It was really surprising for Bishamonten to kinda be in the center of the story, but I loved it. You finally get the answer for the question from the first season: Why does Bishamonten hate Yato so much? It was a story about the past, which they both want to overcome in one or the other way. Also it doesn't lack in action and epic fights. The fights between Bishamonten and Yato were so epic that I watched them over and over again. I think I don't overdo when I say they were one of the best fights I have ever seen. For all you action fans out there this is really an anime you should watch very soon.Some big swords, guns, awesome powers etc. I am sure you'll love it. Also, I have to mention how emotional the whole story is. It made me almost cry, almost. It is about trust, kindness, responsibility and family. 

The second half is more about Yato and his past. His relationship with Nora and his father. Yes, Yato's father is also introduced but more trough the shadows, you don't see him but you get a grasp at the end, and that is exactly what I'll talk about now.  

The 13th episode of Noragami Aragoto. 
The 12th episode was definitely the highlight of the season and than the cliff-hanger in the end...I nearly died waiting for the last, 13th episode. And then...nothing...kinda. I mean it was an end but an undefined one. I don't know. The 12th episode was a BANG!, and then a sudden silence in the 13th one. And what do you think is the worst thing that the last episode of a season could have? A sad ending, a sudden death..NO! It is a immense cliff-hanger. An undefined end. A story that has not finished. I don't know if I was sad or angry at that moment. I only knew that I wanted to...cry. Still I am an optimist, and so I believe always in the best to happen, which would be season 3 of Noragami. I really wish for that to happen and until the producers of Noragami (Dentsu) announce it...well I'll probably watch some more anime and write my reviews for you. 


Aragato was definitely the season of character developments. "Aragato" when translated from Japanese means "Rough Style" and in my opinion it definitely fits the season as a name. Every character in this anime has been trough a rough past and definitely had it hard most of the time. If you have read some of my reviews before you've probably noticed how much I love and focus on character developments. I hate it when an anime does not have a single character development, especially for the mains. They get boring in time and change or a plot twist is always a good thing. Noragami Aragato hit the nail on the head when talked about characters. I loved it...What else to say! 


This is, as I said, one of the rare anime, that were not ruined or even just worsened in the second season. Noragami aragoto was epic, I loved it and I really don't know if there is anything I could put down. Animation, Plot, Story Line, Characters, everything is perfect, I highly recommend you to watch it. 

Your AnimeGirl <3 

Coming Up...Review on Arslan Senki (2015) 


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