Rokka no Yuusha/ Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers: ANIME REVIEW

A mystery, action, magic, fantasy anime. A ranking of #921 on MAL. A Pony Canyon Production (The producers of "Attack of Titan", "Fairy Tail", "Clannad"...). I really was optimistic about this anime and was looking forward to watching it. Now guess? 
Yes, I didn't like it. I was so disappointed. True it wasn't that bad, but when you have high expectations, even the slightest bad can change your opinion completely.  This time, a review on a rather new anime, ROKKA NO YUUSHA. 

 Plot and Story Line 

This is again one of the stories based on an old legend, with a bit magic and a couple of heroes. Tough it differs a bit and has it's special taste. Now, off to the plot! 
The story is set in, let's say, ancient times. The temples and backgrounds do kinda look like the towns of the Maya or the Incas. I loved the setting for this anime. In such old times, legend were a normal thing. On one of those legends is our anime based on. It's been told that when the Demon God awakens from the depths of darkness, the Goddess of Fate will select six heroes and bequeath them with the power to save the world. One of those heroes is also our main protagonist Adlet, that claims to be the strongest man in the world. He is a skillful fighter with a little trick here and there. He has a very unique fighting style but gets locked away after getting into a fight with the strongest warriors of the kingdom. What a will, I would say. 
While being in custody one night, the time to choose the new generation of the Brave Six came. He was one of the lucky ones to get a blossom tattoo on his hand along with the princess of the kingdom whom he's met some time ago. They start they journey together and hit it off with each other right from the beginning. Their first goal is to find the other four Braves and then draw into the battle against the Demon God together. 
Finally united the Braves realize something very unnatural. There are seven of them. One is a fake. One is the enemy. And they have to figure out who that one is. 
The anime is interesting in the beginning, but as episodes go on it becomes kinda boring. It does keep you on tenterhooks and you can't wait to hear who the "Seventh" one is but I found it rather boring. At some time in the anime I even gave up guessing who the fake is. All their theories become stupid, and the "magic-action-fantasy" anime becomes just a stupid and boring wannabe Sherlock Holmes. Don't think it's a spoiler now, but even the final theory about who the fake is, is so dull and it doesn't make any sense. It really gave the show the final blow to the self-destruction. 
There have been some bright moments, and by that, I mean the rare but good action and fight scenes. I was so looking forward to the fight with the Demon God but the whole Sherlock Holmes act, ruined the story that the anime was actually about in the beginning. You get the feeling that the makers wanted to solve the problem about the seventh very quickly, but got lost in doing so, and forgot what they actually wanted to do. Please! 
Now there is one more segment of the story that kinda brightened it up a little. It's the relationship development between Adlet and Fremy. From hatred to love and trough a deep character development. A side story about self-acceptance and finding a place you belong. Now is there something better. True it also got annoying by the time just as every other part of the story. 
On the whole, the story is good, I can't deny. But it got boring in time. It was not as good as I expected and the whole guessing who the fake is part put the main story and the very intriguing legend part into the shadow.  


There is a whole bunch of unique and interesting characters in the story. There was a supporting character that reminded me with his behavior and looks of the baby-diary-holder from Mirai Nikki. I hate creepy Kids, they are the worst. But let's say a few words about the mains, shall we?

Adlet Mayer is the self-proclaimed strongest man in the world, but to be honest he is not far from that. A very skillful fighter and optimist. You probably know that optimism that gets really annoying by the time. He is a fighter with a big heart for everyone. He is also skillful with his words knowing how to convince everyone and even his enemy. He is the kind of character that wants to get to everyone's heart and get to know their life story. And while mentioning it, Adlet has a very interesting past too. He learned that life is not as beautiful as everybody thinks it is and that you have to fight. The thing I didn't like about him, and that's why he annoyed me, was his perfection. I hate perfect characters and I'll always do. I truly have some serious complexes (JK). 

Fremy Speeddraw, is definitely my favorite character in this show. It is really hard to talk about characters when you don'r want to spoil the most interesting parts about them. Although her story is a cliche "Let's move on from the past" it still gets your attention especially in the end when things get complicated and she has to decide-past or future. Fremy was haunted by her past that she is not ashamed of and that's what I like the most about her. Even though she realized that her choices haven't been always the right ones, she moves on. That needs some respect. Fremy, an introvert character that you don't see in every anime. 

 Animetion and Style 

Ah, 2015. What a beautiful year full of awesome animation. Just remember Gangsta and God Eater, then Noragami Aragoto, and don't forget Death Parade and Tokyo Ghoul (A). They all share a beautiful and detailed animation and style, and let me now ask you! What on Earth happened to Rokka no Yuusha. The animation is so poor in colors and details. The style is on a 2006 level, and Code Geass is even better than this being from 2006. There are some beautiful views, but they are very rare. And besides, the only interesting character looks are the ones from Fremy and princess Nashetania (and I am really not sure about the second one because it lines with a cliche look). I expected a better job here, but okay...


On the whole the anime Rokka no Yuusha is not bad, but it also isn't that good. I really expected it to be better especially because of the legend and heroes stuff but I was disappointed in the end. There are some good parts, no denying. So in short now. If you like mystery and anime where there is, let's say, a case to be solved Rokka no Yuusha would be an awesome recommendation for you. But if you want a good legend and an adventure don't watch this. Instead try Akatsuki no Yona or No Game No Life, that would be way better.

Your AnimeGirl <3  


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