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Hello everybody this is the Anime Girl and you are currently reading another review here on World of Anime Girl. The Spring 2017 anime season brought a couple of amazing shows that are a must watch for every anime fan. Boku no Hero Academia (second season), Shingeki no Kyoujin (second season), Boruto and the anime I'll be reviewing today: Re:Creators.
One thing I noticed after checking it out today on My Anime List is definitely its low rating. 7.62 doesn't sound that bad but I am sure that this show deserves a far greater one. I, for instance, gave it a 10/10. Yes, I consider Re: Creators a masterpiece because it is a unique and fresh creation in the anime world that has everything a masterpiece needs. More about it now in the review, enjoy!

GENRE: Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy


Can writers and artist actually be called creators? Has anyone ever considered them as creators of many different worlds just by turning their imagination into words or works of art? They create stories, create characters, their looks and personalities, so can we still say that they don't exists? Sounds more like philosophy to me than an anime setting, but that's exactly what made Re: Creators one of my favorites this year.

The story follows Souta Mizushino, a high school student who aspires to become such a creator by writing and illustrating his own light novel. In wish to get some inspiration for his work, he checks out the new episode of an anime he is watching and suddenly gets teleported into a fierce fight scene. After returning back home he realizes that he didn't come back alone-the heroine of the anime, Celstia Yupitilia has also returned with him. Before long, other fictional characters from manga and anime appear in Japan, slowly blending out the line between fiction and reality. The most mysterious among them is a woman dressed in full military regalia. She seems to be responsible for all this, yet nobody knows who she is or where she comes from. 

There are many things that turned Re: Creators into a masterpiece, but the most important one is undoubtedly the uniqueness of the story. Just as I thought that anime stories are slowly all becoming one and the same, Re: Creators showed that the industry has yet another ace up its sleeve. The setting and the whole 'Can creators be considered gods?' theme is so intriguing that it made me watch the first 20 episodes all in one go. I don't usually watch more than 15, but I guess I broke my personal record. The anime delivers a highly interesting and exciting story that keeps you on tenterhooks from the first to the last episode. Did I mention the roller coaster of emotions you feel while watching this show? No?
Re: Creators is a story where every single creation (the fictional characters that came to the real world) has its own emotional side story. They carry the hardship and the scars of their world to the real one in hope to convince their creators to help them. Most of the side stories are heartbreaking and emotional tales, especially the one that follows our protagonist Souta Mizushino. 

But enough with emotions, let's talk about the action. An anime that literary combined magic, fantasy, mecha, demons, knights etc cannot be bad when it comes to the action. As expected, the anime is full of exciting battles and amazing fight scenes, particularly in the last third of the show. Everyone is fighting in their own way, whether he or she is a knight, a magical girl or just an ordinary detective with a gun. I enjoyed the action to the fullest and I am sure that you will too. 
In short, Re: Creators has a unique and extremely exciting story that has a deep, nearly philosophical core in the middle. Wrapped up with moving and intriguing side stories, as well as with amazing action, Re: Creators clearly shows that the anime industry still has some bright days ahead. 


Re: Creators is an anime that has many different characters where each and every one of them has a unique and distinct personality. As I mentioned before, one thing that makes all the characters come to life are their intriguing background stories. But what's more important and entertaining are the relationships between the 'creators' and their 'creations'. It was also really moving to see how the creators actually care for their creations, rooting and trying to protect them during fights, crying for them after they die etc. It is just interesting to see how their relationships grow and affect their personalities. We have definitely seen characters like these in other anime before, but it is the relationships between the characters that are really important here. 


I'll just mention one thing-Episode 21. Just this Summer I've done a blog post, My Top 5 Most Beautiful Anime Moments and I actually considered editing the post and put the whole 21st episode somewhere in the top 3. It was breathtakingly beautiful, just as the rest of the anime. Candy for the eyes. Everything about the animation and the style is perfect, from the backgrounds to the character designs. I've loved it all. 


Not that I just enjoyed watching this anime, but it actually got me thinking about some trivial things like whether we can call some things non-existent just because they are a product of our imagination. They exist in our thought, doesn't it mean that they are real? But enough of that, the anime has other qualities that made it a true masterpiece. Intriguing stories, amazing characters and breathtaking animation are just the tip of the iceberg. Re: Creators is an anime with a huge 'Re: Watch ' factor and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try.


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