Answering Questiond from MAL Forums Pt. 5

One thing I noticed in these two years of blogging is that, after review posts, this Answering Questions type of posts are the most popular ones. That, and the fact that I love writing them is the reason I am at part 5 of answering questions from MAL forums. For those who are for the first time here on World of Anime Girl, in Answering Questions from MAL Forums, I pick some interesting questions from the community forums on My Anime List and answer them here on my blog. As always, make sure to leave your answers in the comments bellow and now here are the questions for this time and of course my answers. Enjoy! 

1. How to identify a Weeaboo? 

There she walks with her nekko-ear-headphones, listening to her favorite anime openings. Her biggest dream is to travel some day to Japan so she can practice her Japanese (which she "learned" from anime). That would be totemo sugoi to kawaii, desu ne? She thinks she knows everything about Japan just because she watched 50+ anime. She doesn't have a boy friend. Why? Well, non of them is Makoto Tachibana (Free!) or Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan) or Gilgamesh (Fate/ Zero) or Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail) or... In short, these people (I took a girl for example) literary think that Japan is their promised land and that anime is the only bright thing in their lives. A whole new level of Otaku, the Weeaboo. By the way, if you ever though 'Am I a weeaboo?', here's a SHORT QUIZ for you to find it out.

2. What are the lowest rated anime on My Anime List ?

You're welcome! 

3. If you know that an anime is bad, will you give it a try?

Of curse not! Why would I be spending my time on something I know isn't good. I did watch anime that I didn't like that much just beacuse I was curious what's gonna happen in the end. But if I know right in the beginning that it won't be any good, why waste my time on it. Does anyone actually do that?

4. In your opinion, what is the best anime of this season (Summer 2017)?

This one's easy. The best anime this season is without any doubt Fate/ Apocrypha. It's amazing. 

5. If you were to pick any anime character to date, who would it be and why?

This is actually an extremely popular question in the forum. If I were to pick one character, I guess I'd go with Ikta Solorok from Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin. He is extremely smart, interesting, charismatic, reliable and lazy. I think we would understand each other pretty good. Also his quote is one of my favorite anime quotes ever: "Laziness is the mother of human progress". 

6. Most remembered anime form your childhood?

I remember watching a lot anime when I was a kid such as: Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece, Case Closed, Digimon Adventure (the usual childhood anime starter kit), but the one I loved the most and feel most nostalgic about is definitely Sailor Moon. I still remember some scenes from the older episodes and every time I come across it on TV watch it. Even though it is in German DUB...Yes, even then.

7. What You Tube anime reviewer do you watch?

When it comes to reviewers on You Tube, I sometimes watch the Black Critic Guy. He does really good reviews and you should definitely check out his channel. Two other anime YouTubers I watch are Gigguk and The Anime Man. These two have some amazing and hilarious videos and you definitely need to check them out too. Here are the links to their channels: 

8. How do you keep up with all the latest anime?

Well, I don't. It's pretty hard to keep up with all the anime coming out when you're an engineering student. And then, when I want to catch up with all the new anime during summer break, I easily get enough and just don't feel like watching. *Thug life*. Good thing, that period doesn't last that long and I usually end up watching an entire anime in one, eventually two days.

So guys, that would be it for today. Now's your turn with answering these questions. See you next time here on World of Anime Girl. Ja na!


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