SUMMER 2017 Anime Preview

I'll say this right off the bat, I don't think that this season's gonna be a really good one. I've always been a fan of summer seasons because the best anime usually air at this time but this one's really bad. Just when I look back at the Summer 2016 season with Mob Psycho 100, Tales of Zestiria the X, Re:LIFE, Orange, 91 Days etc. These were all amazing anime and there were many other also worth watching. Now, I hardly picked 5 worth mentioning. I am interested in three of them, but I all probably give the other two also a shot. Now let's see what the new season has to offer. Enjoy! 



RELEASE DATE: July 2, 2017
GENRE: action, supernatural, drama, magic, fantasy 
STUDIOS: A-1 Pictures
And here it is. One more anime from the Fate series. The makers of Fate really know how to make money with it. Despite that, I am sure that Apocypha's gonna be the highlight of the season. Question is, will it be good or a disappointment like Grand Order: First Order? For now, I have never been disappointed by a Fate show, so I'll definitely watch it. Besides, magic, amazing fights and interesting settings are things that Fate always does right. 

When it comes to the plot, it is set in a parallel world to Fate/ Stay Night where the Grail suddenly disappears. Now the thing that got me hyped  about this anime is that we don't have that usual Holy Grail War fight but a war with two Factions each having seven servants fighting for them. The Black Faction is fighting to protect the Grail after its members form the Yggdimillennia family retrieved it. On the other side you have the Red Faction sent by the Mage's Association who are trying to take the Holy Grail back. Sounds promising, thrilling and really entertaining. I'll be watching, will you?


RELEASE DATE: July 2, 2017
GENRE: action, fantasy 
STUDIOS: ufotable
Of course I'll be watching an anime produced by my favorite anime studio. The PV teaser trailer looks really good and I can already see an amazing animation. I just can't wait to watch another ufotable peace of art. 
The anime is set in 1863, a time in which the samurai era is coming to an end and Japan is split between the pro- and anti-shogunate faction. But the fate of the world is about to be changed as an army of historical revisionists from the future arrive who want to change the course of history. In order to protect the real history, two spirit sword warriors are summoned and rush into the battle alongside their companions. 
As I read from the description on MAL, I think there's also gonna be a pinch of comedy because of the two main characters having completely different personalities. I am really looking forward to watching this anime, I just don't know if I'll be watching episode by episode each week or watch it all in one go after all the episodes come out.  


RELEASE DATE: July 8, 2017
GENRE: supernatural, shounen
STUDIOS: Project No.9
I especially like the cover of this anime. The characters look really good and as I can see from the PV trailer, the  on a manga based anime will provide some really good action. Supernatural demons, powers and fights, I am opetimistic about this one. In short the anime follows "Chronos Rulers", individuals that fight the time-eating demons that appear every time someone wishes to turn back the time. The concept alone sounds really interesting, and even though I haven't seen any Project No.9 anime, I think that their animation might be as good as ufotable's. I hope they will include some mind confusing time travels but until then I'll definitely have this one on my watch list. 


RELEASE DATE: July 8, 2017
GENRE: adventure, historical, drama, fantasy,  shounen
An anime about the Ottoman Empire, that's new. The story follows the young pasha Mahmut who serves in the Divan of Turkiye Stratocracy. Living in a country that is about to face war because of the threat of a aggressive empire, Mahmut begins his quest to maintain peace at any cost. But will the young pasha be able to stop what is inevitable? I have mixed feelings about this anime. I am kinda interested in all the Ottoman Empire setting because it was an important part of my country's history too. On the other hand, I am not sure about the story, but I will definitely give it a try. 


RELEASE DATE: July 4, 2017
GENRE: comedy, romance, school
And finally something from the comedy genre. I am usually not a fan of comedy anime, because I don't think they are...well, funny. But after watching KonoSuba I decided to give more comedy anime a try, and come on, what could go wrong with Aho Girl. The story follows Yoshiko, a genuinely stupid girl that even manages to get 0's on multiple choice tests. Always by her side, her childhood friend that she actually likes, and who has to put up with her ridiculous behavior. I really don't expect anything from the story, nor the characters. I just hope for it to make me laugh really, really hard.   

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