Answering Questions from MAL Forums Pt.4

Hello there,
I can't believe it's already the 4th Answering Questions post here on World of Anime Girl. I really love doing this posts because there are soo many interesting questions on those forums that I want to answer. For you who are the first time here, Answering Questions is a post I do once in while by browsing through My Anime List forums, picking some interesting questions and answering them here on my blog. Of course, I don't just want you to read my answers, I want to hear yours too, so be sure to write them in the comments bellow. Now, let us get to the questions:

1. Who is the most annoying anime character you have seen?

This one's pretty easy. The, without any doubt, most annoying character I have ever seen was the main character of AJIN, Kei Nagai. He is such a spoiled, evil bastard. I can't believe I actually finished the first season without dropping it. If I had a gun with two bullets and was in a room with Shiba Tatsuya (An Irregular at Magic High School), the evil Fairy King from Sword Art Online and Kei, I would definitely shoot Kei twice. 

2. How long does it averagely take to write a review?

It depends on the moment. Sometimes, when I just feel like writing one I finish within one hour. On the other hand when I force my self to write one, it can take up to 3 hours. I really good review takes time and you need to wait for the right moment when you really feel like writing it. Otherwise you'll end up staring at your screen and not knowing how to even begin. 

3. Do you have a genre you prefer?

Definitely! I've always loved action, adventure and magic/fantasy anime the most. They are thrilling, exciting and the settings are also usually really interesting. All my favorite anime involve either fantasy and magic or action. But of course I don't just watch that, I like to watch some shoujo or horror from time to time. The only genre I actually try to omit is sport. 

4. Art, Music or Story: Which one is the most important for you?

I actually don't care that much about music, I hardly even notice background music. I also usually watch the opening and ending theme only once. If it is really good then I might watch or listen to it some more time, but rarely. The story is definitely the most important thing about an anime but I also pay much attention to the art and animation. The story might be amazing but if anime has bad animation I won't watch it. I do, but in very rare occasions. 

5. Favorite anime quote?

"The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning. Well then, let us begin again, and to each their own tale."
-Fuwa Aika (Zetsuen no Tempest)

6. Do you ship anime characters?

Ahm...who doesn't? I think we all ship one character with the other, sometimes even unconsciously. The last characters I wanted to end up together were Suwa and Naho from Orange. But my favorite ship are definitely Yona and Hak from Akatsuki no Yona. 😊

7. Which anime universe would you like to live in?

There are three anime universes I'd love to live in:
  1. Fairy Tail- There is magic, it's fun and there is always a happy ending
  2. Fate- I think I'd be born as a mage and I would love that despite the Holy Grail War
  3. Naruto- It's Naruto, who wouldn't want to do ninjutsu and be a ninja

8. Do you have any story ideas for anime?

Yes I do! I have that one anime idea in mind that actually has everything I love about anime. A bad-ass female character but not an overpowered MC, an intriguing story, action, magic and powers  and maybe a hint of romance. I actually though of drawing some scenes this summer. Who knows, I might need it one day (If only 😢).

So guys, this would be it for today's questions. As said in the beginning, I want you to give me your answers in the comments bellow. I am looking forward to reading them. See you next time, 
Your Anime Girl 


  1. 1. I think Shirley from Code Geass. She was kind of annoying throughout the series, but *SPOILERS* she did have a pretty heart-wrenching death scene, I'll give her that. *SPOILERS*.
    2. I wouldn't know, I don't write reviews. :P
    3. Yes. I especially like military, history/alt-history and sci-fi settings. But, I also like any anime that makes you think, speculate and use your brain, regardless of the genre.
    4. Definitely the story. The animation isn't that important to me. If I like the story, I will watch it regardless of the quality of animation. And I don't really care about music all that much. :P
    5. "Can't find a door? Make your own!" - Fullmetal Alchemist
    6. Yes, hahahaha. Like you said, I think all of us do. :P
    7. Toaru universe (Index and Railgun). It has an interesting and unique blend/contrast of science and magic, which I really like. And there are a bunch of cool characters you could meet. :)
    8. It's not really an 'idea' per se, but I would love see anime dealing with historical periods from 500s-1500s. I think anime as a medium has great potential to convey interesting and compelling stories pertaining to this period of time. We could have anime about Vikings, Hundred Years' War, etc. I don't know if other people would like them, but I certainly would, hahaha.

    1. Thank you for answering these, as said I love hearing your opinions too. I just want to comment your 8th answer: I'd really like to see anime with that historical settings. Also I have in mind the legend about king Arthur or the France revolution :D That would also be really intriguing.


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