FAIRY TAIL 540: Manga Discussion

I think I am slowly entering a void of emotions with every week that passes because Fairy Tail is ending. You open the first page of chapter 540 and read that there are only 6 chapters left until the finale. SIX MORE CHAPTERS! Now before the last battle starts I thought why not discuss what's happened up until now. 


Natsu finally did it. He defeated Zeref Dragneel, the dark and most evil mage that ever lived. I cannot express the thrill and epicness of the few chapters that covered the battle between them. The very end of the fight (chapter 537) was with great extend one of the most emotional Fairy Tail moments I watched/read. The one thing that Zeref always wanted, but not knowingly also always had was love. Mavis' love marked his as well as her own end:
"A barefoot girl, and a jet-black boy, were playing ever so joyfull."
On the other side of the battlefield we have Erza, Jellal, Anna, the Blue Pegasus crew and others fighting the Dragon King Acnologia. After their unsuccessful attempt to capture Acnologia in the Ravines of time, their plan backfires with Acnologia actually devouring time itself: 
"And as such I shall surpass time and space itself, destroy the world and within this world of spacetime exterminate you all... The last dragons."
Chapter 540 starts off with Acnologia and Natsu captured in, as Anna later explains, the Ravines of time. But not only did he just capture Natsu, all the other Dragon Slayers are there too and they all have solely one purpose. In order to bring "harmony" to his powers that are dwelling trough the Ravines of time, Acnologia needs the power of the dragons. 
Being split from its soul, Acnologia's physical body is now under no control and so spreading destruction all over the world. As Erza, Anna, Jellal and the others realize that Acnologia's body is heading towards Magnolia they head straight to it with the help of Mest's teleportation powers. Finally in Magnolia, they explain the situation to the others.

As the their comrades in Magnolia put all their hopes and trusts into them, the dragon slayers declare Acnologia a fight, believing in their magic and the power of belief of their friends. The last battle starts. The fight between the seven Dragon Slayers, Natsu, Wendy, Laxus, Sting, Rogue, Gajeel and Erik and the Dragon King, Acnologia.


  1. I get the feeling that Mashima has just given up, this arc is really hitting some low points. He introduces Eileen as the mother of all dragon slayers then kills her off in the most stupidest of ways. Same goes for Augusts. Pivitol characters in this arc and nothing. But hey lets bring back Makarov - after hinting him dying several times.

  2. Wow, I actually never thought about it in that way, but now that you mention it, you are right. But it doesn't surprise me actually, it's Fairy Tail after all where the good ones always win. When you give it more thought it does get annoyig but we all still love good, old, Fairy Tail.


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