These Were My First 5 Anime as the Anime Girl

When I was a kid, I used to watch a lot anime without even knowing what they actually were. Or better said, where they were from because all the cartoons I watched at that time were in German. But a couple of years ago, on recommendation of a very good friend of mine, I started watching Naruto and became a Full-Time-Anime-Girl, or how the world would call it-an Otaku. With all this set, welcome Minna-san to another post here on World of Anime Girl. Today's topic, the first five anime I watched as a full time Anime Girl. Enjoy!


As mentioned in the beginning, the first anime I watched and so the anime that got me into the anime world was NARUTO. And even though there might be anime I like more and that are better than it, Naruto is still my, let's say, dearest anime of all. I could rewatch some episodes and arcs over and over again without getting bored of it. It is just that one anime that you love despite all it flaws and its huge number of filler episodes. 


I don't quite remember the order I watched the next anime but I know for sure that they were among the first five. One of them was definitely the psycho, thriller with our favorite yandere character-MIRAI NIKKI. You have to imagine, me, a 15-year-old girl just getting into anime, watching an anime like this one. It was quite creepy and I still wasn't used to all the brutality and bloodshed. Not to talk about scary yandere characters. Still, Mirai Nikki became one of my favorite anime. I don't say it is a really good one but it was entertaining. 


Next in the line is STRIKE THE BLOOD. Yes, the anime got its second season last year and No, I am not gonna watch it. You see, when I was an anime beginner I didn't know what things like shounen, seinen ment and I definitely didn't know the meaning of ecchi. I really am not a fan of it and I don't judge you guys who actually like that, but that made the anime less enjoyable. Not to mention the "No, Senpai, this is our fight" quote that drove me crazy. I cannot really say that I regret watching it but it is clearly not on my recommendation list. 


This anime is one of my favorites because of various reasons. It have to admit it is not the best anime of all, but exactly like Naruto, I just love it. KAZE NO STIGMA was an anime I decided to watch because of the powers which were based on the four elements. The story was intriguing and funny. It had a lot of action and amazing fights in it. The main characters were both strong and their relationship was extremely entertaining, him being a cool guy and her being a strong yet feminine tsundere character. On the whole, it was a nice anime, perfect for anime beginners like I was.  


And last but not least, GULITY CROWN. Even though this anime has many haters being a Code Geass rip-off in some parts, it still has a high popularity on MAL. I have to say that, for whatever the reason may be, I liked it. It was really entertaining, the story was intriguing and catchy, the characters showed diversity and development and despite some minor plot holes it was really enjoyable. And I have to mention the music in this anime was outstanding. From the opening over the soundtracks to the ending theme song, they were all outstanding. My personal favorite was the song Euterpe and I still listen to the song every here and there. 


So Minna, these were my first anime I watched as the Anime Girl. I definitely want to know the anime you watched in the beginning so let me know in the comments bellow. Sayounara!! 


  1. Interesting. :)
    I also watched a few series without even knowing they were anime when I was younger (DBZ, Naruto and Death Note), but my 'official' first (after becoming an anime fan in 2014 :D ) were Hellsing Ultimate, Kingdom, Code Geass, Baccano! and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


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