Deadman Wonderland: ANIME REVIEW

Hello there Minna,
You know, I've never been a huge fan of too much brutality in anime but I do love the action...And despite being full of brutal fights and bloodshed, this anime nailed it. After years of being on my 'plan-to-watch-list' I finally watched Deadman Wonderland. I guess I need to mention that I finished all 12 episodes at once and right after finishing this review, I'll read the manga too. So, without any further ado, let's get to the review. Enjoy!


Deadman Wonderlan is a 2011 anime based on a manga with the same title. Just as I did in the beginning, you would think that a 12-episode-long anime cannot have a good story line. That is mostly correct, because a story just hardly develops  within just 12 episodes. Still I was really surprised to see that Deadman Wonderland is an exception. Now, the anime does not have an extremely good story with a proper moral but one thing is for sure. Deadman Wonderland is entertainment pure. 

The story follows Igarashi Ganta-an ordinary 14-year-old boy whose life turns upside down when a mysterious man in red massacres his whole class including his best friends Mimi and Yamakatsu. Just after waking up in hospital, being the lone survivor, Ganta gets accused of murdering the hiss whole class.  Charged guilty and sentenced to death, Ganta is taken to the only private prison in Japan-Deadman Wonderland. The special thing about this 'Wonderland' is that it's a prison amusement park where the convicts perform dangerous acts in order to amuse the visitors. 

And so begins the story of Igarashi Ganta. A boy who is wrongly accused now fights for his life in dangerous prison games, for his pride following only his own rules and his name, that will be cleared once he finds the Red Man. I don't want to reveal much of the story, but be prepared for some amazing powers and epic fights throughout the whole show. 

Action is definitely the best thing about this anime but it also has something else. I cannot clearly say what it is but it was definitely the reason that made me watch the whole thing in one day.  The story is thrilling, exciting and unpredictable. All that with a couple of plot twists that made the anime even more entertaining. 

And just as I said in the beginning, if you look for a great story you wont find it here. Don't get me wrong. The story is good and really moving from time to time but it doesn't have a great moral. Still, you'll definitely find an extremely intriguing story with no major plot holes  and a high level of entertainment. I sad no major plot holes, because there were some tiny parts of the story that I'd like to know more about but were left out. Still, Deadman Wonderland's story continues in the manga and maybe it would be revealed in another season but I don't think a second season will ever come. I mean, it's been six years since the first season aired so...😞


For a really short anime like this, the characters are really well developed. There are so many different and unique characters with a lot background stories. Seriously, I have no idea how they managed to put all that in only 12 episodes. 
When it comes to the main character, Ganta, he undergoes a huge character development. And despite being weak and pathetic in some parts, he actually manages to find himself and become stronger. He decides not to be ruled by others and makes his own path following his own rules. He is a stubborn boy, with a lot determination and hope. 
The female lead, Shiro, is a mysterious albino girl that Ganta met on his first day in prison. Even though she is the same age as Ganta, she behaves as a child but has enormous physical strength and great combat skills. With only a skin-tight bodysuit on, Shiro stands out among the other prisoners due to her bizarre appearance and mannerisms.  But despite her innocent looks, Shiro has a big secret regarding her background but as always...NO spoilers! 😉 


And again, the animation becomes my favorite part of an anime. Manglobe studios and Kodakawa Shouten did an incredible job when it comes to animation and style. It was flawless, just as any other animation should be. I would really like to talk more about it but I seriously don't know what to say since it was...well, perfect.


If you have some free time and just want to watch a relaxing yet thrilling anime with a huge entertainment factor then Deadman Wonderland is an anime for you. A great anime that managed to deliver a good and entertaining story, great character development and amazing animation in only 12 episodes. This anime is high on my recommendation list for every action, horror, Sci-Fi lover and now if you'd excuse me, I have a manga to read. 


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