My Top 5 Most Beautiful Anime Moments

Greetings everyone and welcome to another TOP 5 blog post here on World of Anime Girl. This time, I picked out the most beautiful anime moments I have seen. It was not just the animation that brought these moments into my top 5, but the emotions that these moments carry with them. They are that type of moments that make your eyes wide open, give you goosebumps and just simply take your breath away. There have been many moments like that and it was really hard to pick the best 5, but in the end I had to be subjective and let my feelings decide that. Now without further ado, here are My Top 5 Most Beautiful Anime Moments. **This Post Contains Spoilers**

No.5 KIMI NO NA WA: The Comet

These two pictures don't represent one particular moment in the anime, but every moment in which we get to see this comet while watching one of the greatest movies in anime history. And every time it appears it brings up the same emotions. Of course the most emotional and exciting moment was when we finally understand what actually happened and that was with great extend one of the most touching and heartbreaking and simultaneously most beautiful anime moments I have ever seen. 


No.4 SHIGATSU WA KIMI NO USO: Where Everything Started

It hurts just by looking at it. Of course I had to put the probably most beautiful anime I ever watched in my Top 5. Your Lie in April is the only music anime I have seen and it was definitely worth watching. It was really hard to pick one moment for this ranking because there were so many: The moment Kaori and Arima perform together for the first time, Kaori imagining playing on the hospital roof, Arima imagining Kaori when he played in the competition in the end etc. Yet in the end I picked the moment in which everything started. The moment in which Kaori told her April lie. The scene is just magical with her, the music, the birds, the cherry blossoms...Truly beautiful.


No.3 FATE/ ZERO: Saber's Excalibur

Even though she can be annoying from time to time, Saber is still one of my favorite servants in the entire Fate Universe and this moment is, with great extend, the most beautiful one. 
"Her sword shines, a dream that all warriors scattered in battle, past, present and future, hold and mournfully exalt as their final moments approach. She carries their will as her pride, bidding them to remain steadfast in their loyalty. Now, the undefeated king sings aloud the name of the miracle she holds in her hands. Its name is... Excalibur!" 
I always loved strong female characters in anime and saber showing all her might with her Excalibur definitely made her one of my favorites. The thing that made this moment so special besides ufutable's animation are Irisviel's words (The quote above). It explains what Excalibur really stands for and that made the moment truly beautiful. 


No.2 TALES OF ZESTIRIA THE X: This is the World

Again, ufutable's animation at its finest. Tales of Zestiria the X is definitely one of my favorite anime ever because of many reasons. Firstly the animation, then the action, the story, the magic...there are just too many good things about it. The moment that came in second is the finale of the second season and is, in terms of scenery and animation, the most beautiful one. I can't say that I was much moved by it, but it gave me enormous goosebumps and if I remember very well, I replayed this scene at least 3 or 4 times after watching for the first time. It was just magical and is now rightfully on place 2. 


No.1 KOTONOHA NO NIWA: The Final Rain

Lately I've been watching a lot of Makoto Shinkai anime movies which all have one thing in common: Breathtaking animation and scenery. For those of you who are not familiar with the name, Makoto Shinikai is now one of the greatest anime producers (mainly movies) and his works also include: Five Centimeters per Second, Someone's Gaze, Children who Chase Lost Voices and Your Name (Kimi no Na wa). You must have seen at least one of these so you probably know what I am talking about. 
When it comes to my No.1 most beautiful moment, it is the final scene from the end of the 45 min long movie. To actually understand why I picked this one as my No1. I need to dig in deeper into the story.


The story follows high school student Takao Akazuki who is aspiring to become a shoemaker. He usually skips the morning lessons on rainy days and spends the time in a beautiful garden in Tokyo to work on his shoe designs. It is there where he meets Yukari Yukino, a beautiful yet strange woman. Soon the two become very close without realizing how important they are to each other. Just by being there and talking while enjoying the rain, makes them able to alleviate their worries hidden in their hearts. But after the rainy season ends and the scorching, sunny days fill up the city, their relationship is put to a test. 
In the end the rain falls once again and in that moment they both realize how important they are to each other. The thing that made this moment the most beautiful one is the scene it self and the message it carries. The rain is slowly stopping and the sun is shining again. The sunlight is scattering in all directions because of the raindrops and the sunrays are clear to see due to some of the clouds that are still there. In addition to that, the music in the background contributes to the whole beauty and makes the moment even more amazing (Song: Rain by Motohiro Hata). And even though both Takao and Yukari enjoyed the rain in the movie (as I think), it represented their problems, that are now fading away along with The Final Rain. 


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    1. You are welcome! I am really glad that you liked it :D

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