My Impression on the First 13 Episodes of BORUTO

The Summer 2017 season has officially begun with new anime coming out from today on. Of course, there are still some airing from the previous season and I am sure we'll be stuck with one of them for a little while longer. Boruto is in my opinion the highlight of the Spring 2017 season and the first 13 episodes convinced me that it has potential to be a great anime. If you want to know why, here is My Impression on the first 13 episodes of BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations. 

The anime starts off with one clear message: This is not a story about a boy who wants to become Hokage, that was Naruto's story. Boruto is a completely different one.
But even though it is a different story I loved how Kishimoto actually made a connection to Naruto's early days. Naruto, being a boy without parents or anyone around craves attention of the whole village and wants to be recognized by everyone. Now, we have Boruto, a boy that has both parents around and lots of friends but craves the attention of one person only-his father. It is kinda moving to see how different their lives are but how similar they actually are. I can't wait to see how the father-son relationship will evolve because I am certain that this will be the most emotional part of the story. 

The story it self is pretty good so far. It is slowly introducing the characters and the setting of the anime. In the first scene of the first episode we see Boruto fighting a guy named Kawaki with the Hidden Leaf Village completely destroyed in the background. It is a scene form the future and right after that we are sent to the time when Boruto just started the ninja academy. It is really interesting how the time changed and how the modern world interacts with the traditional ninja world. 
The story starts with a ghost appearing in the village that possesses people and makes them loose control and only Boruto can see him. Boruto's right eye manifests that strange power which he thought was the Byakugan in the beginning. Not believing that the adults would actually listen to him, he decides to investigate the ghost incidents together with his friends including Shikadai, Mitsuki, Sarada etc. 
Of course after the incidents get more dangerous Naruto engages along with the Hidden Leaf Police. Seeing all these old characters as adults now is also exciting and touching. We see Shino as the teacher, Sai as the police captain, Naruto of course as the Hokage and Shikamaru as his assistant. 
So what do I think after watching the first 13 episodes? I'll definitely continue watching! The story is just starting and these first few story arcs are probably an introduction to what's really coming. I believe that the show will be both exciting and emotional with a lot of amazing characters and side stories just as Naruto was. The current story arc reached it's (let's call it) mid-finale in the 13th episode and I am really excited to see what will happen next. 
One the whole, Boruto is fresh, moving, exciting and entertaining and the only thing that I struggle with is that it sometimes gives me the feeling that I am just too old for it. Nevertheless, I am already a huge Boruto fan and I'll definitely be watching it until the end and so should you! 


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