Kaze No Stigma/ Stigma of the Wind: ANIME REVIEW

When I became a "full-time" AnimeGirl I was kinda just searching for anime that involved powers (It was a period of "After-Avatar-depression").There were anime like: Code:Breaker, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and the best of all and my favorite "Four-element-powers" anime Kaze no Stigma or in English The Stigma of the Wind. So for you, on this lovely Monday afternoon, a review on Kaze no Stigma. 

Plot and Story-Line

I'll begin right away with the plot. In the middle of the story we have the Kannagi family. A respected family of fire element users. Eighteen-year-old Kazuma was originally part of the Kannagis, but after he showed no affinity to fire as a power and after the defeat by his four year younger cousin Ayano he was banished and cast out from the family. Four years passed, and Kazuma finally decided to come back to Japan, under the name Kazuma Yagami stronger than ever. While he was away he made a contract with the Wind-spirit and became an extraordinary wind user. With his arrival several murders in the Kannagi family occurred, and as expected, they all accused Kazuma. As a result he is confronted by various members of his former family and forced to prove his innocence. Yet, the only person Kazuma wants to fight is his father, the strongest Enjustsu (power to control flames). After he defeats his father, and goes back to the hotel, he meets his younger brother Ren, also an Enjutsu user. Later on Ren was taken by a powerful demon and in wish to help his little brother he decides to meet the head of the Kanagi, Ayano's father, and convince him that he is innocent. Once again Kazuma is reunited with his brother Ren and cousin Ayano, and yeah...That's when the whole story turns into an action loaded, little romance-comedy, that has a cute little background story that reveals it-self in the very end of the show. 
I told you in the beginning, the main reason why I like this anime are the powers. I love element-based powers. The action in this anime is awesome. And although the fights are a little bit predictable they are still catchy and really give you the promised entertainment. I liked it. 
In some parts of the story, Kaze no Stigma becomes a "slice of life-romance" anime, but it is not such a big waste. It is funny and entertaining especially in the Kazuma/Ayano moments. It's mostly funny because of Ayano's tsundere personality, but more of it in the character section. 
The thing I found most interesting in this anime is definitely the background story of Kazuma while he was away, and how it affects his present. The story about his character development, about finding him-self, about moving on and letting go of the strings from the past. That's definitely the message of this anime "Let go of the past, and live in the present".
There is really not much to talk about the story, because it is not that special. Mainly predictable but gets entertaining from time to time. Still, I liked it and would give the whole story a 7,67. 


I loved KAZUMA. He is one of that strong, main characters that still have some flaws in their personality. There is something that can be developed in the story, and that's the thing characters are there for. The fight with his own past was so interesting and kept you on tenterhooks the whole time. It got a bit emotional in some parts, but not too much, and that's exactly how I like it. Kazuma is strong, funny, cool and amusing. Nothing special but awesome for the story. 

Oh there she is, AYANO. She was so amusing because of her tsundere-like personality. I found them always funny. The way she wants to hide her feelings for Kazuma, oh come one, we can see that one. Kawaii. Ayano is a strong and independent character that hates to say when she needs help. And stubborn btw. Yet, she knows her obligations, and although she is a bit childish she can be mature if needed.

Animation and Style 

Amm...there is really nothing special I could say about the animation. You can clearly see that it's still 2007. It is not bad, just like the animation of every other anime. Still I love this picture and I am sure that everyone has seen it before somewhere. I mean it is beautiful, isn't it?
When it comes to the style I have to say that the makers did a great job. The different powers were so awesome. I mean the basics were there air and wind for instance. But Ayano's crimson flames and then the black wind power of Kazuma, epic. The style got a 8,79. 


If you want some action and you miss Avatar: The Last Air-bender this is an anime for you. It is catchy, amusing and entertaining. I really recommend you to give it a try because I think you won't regret it. You have some awesome characters, some epic fights and interesting powers. Not that unique but definitely good. 
Your AnimeGirl <3 

P.S. If you have a similar anime to recommend please write me on MyAnimeList (AnimeGirl_03) or comment down bellow. Also tell me your opinion on this anime and make sure to write some feedback. 


  1. This is a pretty thorough review. Thanks for putting so much thought into this and sharing. I have shared with my community, and you're more than welcome to join. This is the sort of stuff we're looking for and do from time to time.

    1. I'd like to join your comunity, just write down the link so I can find it 😊

  2. Being a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender (and later, Legend of Korra), I was looking for a show/anime with a similar premise (element-based powers, etc.) and, judging by your review, it seems I've found what I was looking for. I'll be sure to give 'Kaze no Stigma' a try. :)
    Nice and comprehensive review, as always. Keep it up. ;)

    1. Thank you B-day kid, and as always you are free to ask anything!


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