Games make you stupid they say. Games harm they say. I say that "they" would change their mind after watching this anime. An anime that increases your IQ by at least 10%. Today's review, a short and unfinished (waiting for season 2) anime on the title "No Game No Life".

Plot and Story Line

First thing I want to tell you about NGNL is how I've watched it. I stopped after four episodes because, I don't know, it wasn't that special. Luckily I don't give up that easily and after I started again and finished the fifth episode, well I couldn't stop. Although it was the first day of school the next day, I had to finish it., and yeah. I went to sleep at about 2:00 AM. But definitely worth it. The story is awesome, catchy and one of the most interesting storylines I've ever seen. 
Now, the story is basically about two need siblings, Sora, the older brother and Shiro his little sister. They escape their usual life trough the huge world of Games. They play all kinds of games, card games, board games, video games...And most importantly they always win as the couple known as "Blank". One day they get an invitation to a chess game, and as expected they win. Soon after they are transported to another world by Ted, the god of Games. In that new world everything is decided by, guess what, of course, games. Whether it's about a coin or a war between countries, games decide the outcome. Just a right place for the siblings that really aim their goals very high: their final goal, defeat Ted and become the new Gods of Games. But will they succeed or not? We don't know because the first season finished half-way and we are still waiting for season two to air. The makers are sure keeping us on tenterhooks. 
First thing that has to be mentioned as a part of the whole plot is the sibling relationship. Forget all sibling relationships that you saw before because this one will top them all. It is not a sad story, nor did they have a hard childhood. It's just so funny and cute. I mean they are so used to each other that they can't even be one minute away from each other. Just KAWAII. They would probably be nothing without each other. It's like they fill up the emptiness of the other one. They would be nothing without each other. 
But now the thing that really makes the whole anime so special. The intellect, the strategies, the plans and brilliance are incomparable with any other anime (well maybe code geass). Both of them Shiro and Sora are masterminds in their own class. Working as Blank together they are invincible. Every strategy and plan, and every single move is being explained in details. That's the thing I was talking about in the beginning that increases your IQ.It is sooooo interesting to listen to their explanations and make everytime :"Ooooh, that's what he did" in the end. Sooo amusing, I promise you that. 
When it comes to the storyline it really has no flaws at all. No plot holes, no stupid twists and it keeps your attention till the end. In short, please release the second season! 


This dude is so damn funny. Although SORA is a little pervert I liked him. He is a typical NEET yet brilliant when it comes to strategy and plans. He is very communicative and outgoing, and energic. He has that sudden reactions and emotion-breakouts that make him so interesting. Yet, the most important reason I liked Sora is how he takes care for his little sister. Too cute!

This girl looks like an emotionless doll, or more a very intelligent robot. SHIRO does not show that much feelings but damn she is smart. She is so good at numbers and and logical problems making her solve almost everything. It was so hilarious to see how her brother-complex awakens when Sora talks with other girls. Jealousy was always a funny thing. Kawaii, little genius. 

Animation and Style 

Now this is definitely something different. The animation of NGNL fit perfectly with its story. The style, the colors, the brightness...It was just perfect. And the character design, epic. I mean, the characters just look like they should. It's like their personalities were pictured in human form. I hope you get me. :D You probably open some pictures before you go and watch an anime, here is one screen-shot of Disboard  for you...


No Game No Life is not an actual action anime. So if you want a lot of action this is not for you. But I promise you, it's worth every single second because it's so interesting and catchy. I love anime where the main characters are masterminds that entertain you using only their cleverness and wittiness. That's why I love NGNL. It's not one of my favorites but, in my opinion, definitely deserves a rating of, let's say 8,46. 
Your AnimeGirl <3 


  1. Pretty sweet review. I may have to check it out. I hope you don't mind if I share this with my new anime-ish community on G+.

    Thanks for your opinion.

    1. Thank you, and I'd be actually glad if you shared it!

  2. Yep Sora is very smart ~ Good review for NGNL


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