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Zdravo ljudi i dobrodošli na moj anime blog: Svijet Anime-cure (znam, zvuči čudno). Ovo je još jedna u nizu kolaboracija koje sam radila sa drugim anime bloggerima ovo ljeto. Nakon što sam vidjela da je jedna od najboljih balkanskih anime stranica na Facebook-u, ANIME BALKAN, napravila svoj blog, morala sam stupiti u kontakt s njima i dogovoriti neku saradnju. Oni objavljuju novosti, preporuke i druge zanimljivosti vezane za anime, pa mi je tako posebno drago da mogu i ja biti dio te priče, barem na kratko. O čemu se radi u ovom post-u? Jednostavno. Ja sam Saberu kao jednom od admina poslala 3 anime-a sa njegove anime liste da mi da svoje mišljenje o njima. Isto tako, ja sam dobila 3 anime-a i napisala svoje mišljenje, a moći ćete ih pročitati na njihovoj stranici (linkove ću vam ostaviti na kraju).  Ja sam za Sabera odabrala Black Rock Shooter, K-On! i Shiki. U nastavku na engleskom, a vi uživajte. 

Hello people, 
You might be surprised about the sudden language change, but today's post is another collab, but today with an anime blog from the Balkans. In short, me and one of the admins of ANIME BLAKAN,Saber, gave each other three anime to write our opinions on them. I did a similar post with Lita from Lita Kino Anime Corner. I got Noragami, Boku no Hero Academia and No Game No Life, whereas Saber got Black-Rock Shooter, K-On! and Shiki. Make sure to check out his post as well if you understand any of the BHS languages because I wrote mine in Bosnian. Anyway, here's what Saber said about the anime I gave him. Enjoy!


My first anime will be Black Rock Shooter. It's one of my favorite anime and also one of the first ones I saw. The colors in the animation are just stunning, the action is also on the top and you can connect to the characters especially if you are in that teen age and you feel that you can't explain your feelings to anyone. Same parts of the plot of this anime are hard to explain but when you think twice about them it's actually easy. So, in this anime there are two worlds, our world and the mental world (let's call it like that). Any felling that our characters get in our world are transferred to the mental world where everyone has a different version of them selves who are receiving those feelings and trying to keep balance so the real one doesn't break. But sometimes they take too much of bad feelings in order to protect others without realizing that those feelings are necessary in order to go on. In order to save her friend, our main character needs to face her other self in the mental world and learn how to take the pain and move on. Trust me when I say that this anime packs more emotions in eight episodes than some do in hundred. One more thing, I hope you didn't get me wrong, this anime is not just for teens, even if you passed those years I still highly recommend watching it. It made me completely fall in love with it and I have also played the game and read manga in which they have separated stories from the anime but they are still good ones.


My next anime is K-on. This is also one of my first ones, before I've even known anything about Moe or much about anime in general. But the anime left a nice memory. It definitely has a good amount of comedy in it, proof is that even today it's used for memes and funny videos on internet. It also has one of best opening and ending songs. This anime is slice-of-life, so it means that you shouldn't expect something to wrack your brain out, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy simplicity of a high school life. The final movie certainly did give me a punch of feels. Another thing I liked about K-on! were the character personalities. They feel real and even though the anime is a slice-of-life, it didn’t mean it's going to be realistic, but it is exactly like that with K-on. I most certainly recommend this anime to anyone who likes to just relax, and not concern themselves huge plot twist or something of that scale.


My last anime will be Shiki. A mystery/horror anime. There are those anime that you forget about after watching many other shows, but Shiki is not one of them. It’s opening sound track is one of the best I have ever heard. The animation is ok, its passable. The story goes Like this: In a small village a new mysterious family moved in and people of the village started to feel sick. At first, they thought it was an epidemic but it turned out that those people were turning into vampires. It took a while for the characters to realize that but it was easy for the audience to notice that right in the beginning. At the end of the story there are no heroes, both vampire and human are doing what they can and have to in order to survive. That’s what I like about this story. It asks the question what is evil and whether it is so hard to achieve a compromise with others and also how much humans are scared of changing their everyday life. 

Okay guys, this would be it for today. Tell me in the comments bellow what do you think about these three anime. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Once again, make sure to check out ANIME BALKAN in your free time because they are doing a really great job. Here are the links:

Ans as always, Your Anime Girl ❤


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