Anime-Apps (Recommendation Corner)

Good Evening Minna-san,
I hope you're all doing fine and ready for a new World of Anime Girl blog-post. Midterm examinations are around the corner and so I thought I'd use this little free-time to post something new. So, here I am with a brand new topic in the spirit of the 21st century-the age of internet and smartphones. Being a full-time Anime Girl, I tried a lot of anime apps and definitely visited tons of web-pages. After some years, I quit using some but became addicted to some others which are now an indispensable part of my everyday life. Whether I use them to communicate with other otakus or to organize myself in the huge world of anime I love them all.  And without any further talk, let's get to today's blog post with the title:  Anime-Apps (Recommendation Corner)

When it comes to my smartphone there are quite some apps that I use all the time. Let's start with my absolute favorite. All of you probably have a My Anime List account. It is a must for every otaku and I am using it 24/7. It is well organised, detailed and it is an amazing way to organize the things you're watching as well as stay in touch with others.  I am 100% sure that all of you use the web-page, but not many are familiar with the "Pocket MAL" app. It is my personal favorite of all because it doesn't take up much space, it is simple and you have all anime on your phone. At this point I'd really like you to check out my profile on MAL  and tell me what you think. My nickname is animegirlism so be sure to send me a friend request once you are there.

Next in line is for all of you manga addicts. Manga and anime stores are not that popular in my country so I always have to read them on-line on my laptop. That got really annoying in time so I tried to find an alternative and I wasn't disappointed. "Manga Rock" is the name of the app I am using and I highly recommend you to use it too. It has all the latest manga and you can choose your source, whether it is MangaFox, Manga Panda or sth else. I personally prefer Manga Panda because it has the biggest range of manga and it delivers the chapters right after they're released. And the best feature, after you select your favorites, you get a notification right after a new chapter is released. 

To be honest, I just discovered this app a couple of minutes ago. It is called "Anime & Manga Amino" and even tough I didn't even start using it properly, I already love it. You can chat with others in various chat-rooms, post blog posts and post some random comments on your wall. It is kinda a mix of facebook and twitter but for otakus. I think it's ingenious. So if someone is using it already or thinks about making  a profile there be sure to add me under the same nickname as on MAL, animegirlism

These three are apps I am using all the time and I certainly don't think I'll ever stop. I really recommend you to try these out and if you do tell me what you think. There are tons of other apps you can find for free that are related to anime like: anime wallpapers, anime keyboards, anime avatar generators, anime music apps but I am not a huge fan of those. I did try some anime avatar generator apps but honestly they're all terrible. Also, there are some apps where you can watch anime like Crunchyroll, but I've never watched anime on my phone so I've never tried those either. If there are other anime apps that you think I should try out, let me know by posting their name in the comments down bellow. Also tell me what apps you are using and what you think about them. So, this would be it for today. See you in the next post! Ja-Ne! 


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