Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito/ Akito the Exiled: ANIME REVIEW

I am sure you've all been in a situation where you finish watching an anime and just say: "Where is more?". Also, I am 100% sure that you wanted more after watching one of the best and most popular anime in history. Ranked #18 and with a rating of 8,85 on MAL, Code: Geass made it easier for you not to miss it that much because we got another Code: Geass side story in July, 2012. I am talking about the 5-episode-long story named Boukoku no Akito aka. Akito the Exiled. I hope you'll enjoy this review just as much as I enjoyed watching the anime. So, shall we start?

Plot and Story Line

I'll start right away with the first reason I loved Boukoku no Akito. The story of the exiled Akito is set in between the two seasons of Code: Geass and everything is happening in Europe. It shows us what is happening on the other side of World when in Japan the "Black Knights" are fighting Holy Britannian Empire and Zero appears to be dead. So, you have the year 2017 and the Europia United (E.U.) are being invaded by the strong Britannia. The E.U. forms a special unit with the name "W-0" and one of the members of the team is Akito Hyuga, our protagonist. Beside Akito, the story gives us one more protagonist, the main female, Leila Malcal. (Yes, she has a similar name to mine Leila-Lejla (It's pronounced Leyla). She is a former Britannian aristocrat, who comes to help out as the commander of the Wyvern Knightmare corps that consists of Japanese teenagers. Those teenagers fled along with their families from "Area 11" to Europe in hope to survive the war. Our story begins when the Wyvern K. unit is sent to the battlefield with a 5% chance of survival. Their mission: rescue an allied unit that was left behind on the European war front. 
When it comes to the story line I want to say that it is really amazing. True, it's not as good as the original Code: Geass but it's still a good anime. It's intriguing, the story is catchy and the story line is smooth with a couple of amazing background stories. A great thing about it, there are almost no plot holes (I'll come to the almost later) and the anime length is just right. All the happenings fit perfectly into those 5 hours. 
I don't want to say who it is, but Boukoku no Akito shows us two very familiar characters from the original Code:Geass. It was great to see them again and to actually find out about what is happening to them between season 1 and 2. So be excited. 
Boukoku no Akito has, as mentioned before, a great background story. The story tells us the history of the Hyuga family. A story about Akito, his brother and his parents. It's an interesting story that found its place in the anime trough a couple of flashbacks. 
Boukoku no Akito introduces also more geass powers, but some of them are rather different than the usual ones. True, we have already seen geass powers, yet they kinda just contribute to the story making it a pinch more interesting and awesome than it already is.
 I said before "there are almost no plot holes" and with almost I only have one plot hole in the whole story that left me with a little question mark above my head. The end of the last episode got a little bit complicated explaining all the  supernatural geass stuff. The end is a bit rushed leaving not enough time to get across the things that were happening at that moment. 
But on the whole, there are no significant flaws in the anime. Intriguing, catchy, amazing. And this would be it about the plot and story line. Off to the characters!


When it comes to the characters of this anime, I need to say that they are quiet good. I won't talk about them one by one, so I'll just talk about them in general. 
The thing that makes the characters in Boukoku no Akito special are actually their background stories. That's why I, at least, loved them. When we talk about personality, I can surely say that two characters took my attention. Akito, of course, but not because he was the protagonist. It's more his quiet and calm behavior that I loved about him. He always had a clear mind even in the most dangerous of situations. Not to mention his combat skills and strength...The second character is also a male. I don't have a particular reason for that, but Ashley  Ashra is one of my favorites. It's just his temper and the way he acts that made me like his character. When it comes to Leila, she is the strong and overly perfect main female character. A bit cliche but I can't deny it, I loved her. As for the overall character impression, thumbs up!   

Animation and Style

The animation of this anime is just amazing. Bright colors, smooth, fast movements... Everything is just as it should be and especially in the last episode. I did expect a great animation because even the original Code:Geass had an amazing animation despite being produced in the years 2006-2007. 
The style is typically Code: Geass. The unique character looks really stick out when it comes to anime. Some anime did uniqueness extremely wrong and just ruined an anime, but the Sunrise studios did their job right.  


Boukoku no Akito is a 5-episode-long side story of the masterpiece widely knows as Code: Geass. I'll make it short for you. The 5 hours I spent watching it were worth every single second. True it isn't the original Code: Geass and it is not as good as the original but it's still great. And don't worry it won't ruin your impression on Code: Geass in any way because this comes as a side story, so it doesn't affect the happenings in Code: Geass. So if I were you, I wouldn't miss it. 

Your Anime Girl <3
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