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A big Welcome and Hello to all of you having enough free time to read  this blog with the title World of Anime Girl.
First of all, today is a very important day for me, because today we are celebrating The Independence Day of our dear country Bosnia and Herzegovina. So to all of you living in the boundaries of this triangular place we call home, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! 
Secondly, you've all probably been in a situation where you hear something related to anime and you kinda don't know what that means. I was in a couple situations like that especially when I was just a newbie in this huge anime world. To make it easier for you, this blog post will lead you trough some "terms" and expressions used by the anime community. 

To begin with, here are some Japanese expressions that are always used:

ARIGATO-Simply means: THANKS! I got so much used to it, that I always use Arigato instead of Thanks, and believe me or not, even the non-otakus understand me. But wait, what is an Otaku actually?
OTAKU-The thing about this word is that we "Westerns" got confused when it comes to its meaning. In Japan, being called Otaku is extremely negative because it stands for a person that is highly obsessed with something to an unhealthy measure. A second meaning describes a person that stays the whole day at home and doesn't have any type of social life. Yet, we connect the word Otaku with a normal person that just loves anime and manga. A clear misunderstanding, so if you ever get the chance to talk to someone from Japan, don't introduce your self as an Otaku. Just don't. 

KAWAII-This is my favorite Japanese word. It means cute, and a lot of my friends tell me I'm cute :3. I am a kawaii little Chibi...
CHIBI-A chibi is an adjective that means small and/or miniature in a good or cute way.  
NEKO GIRL/BOY- Neko means Cat in Japanese, so a Neko boy or a neko girl would be someone with cat ears. Yes, that's it. I love Nekos! 

Now a group of 4 words usually called the "Deres". Those are a lot types of girl personalities in anime, and most of them are categorized into these four:
TSUNDERE-  A girl that usually acts mean and violent on the outside but is sweet on the inside. Best known example for that is Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!
YANDERE- This girl acts sweet and cute on the outside but soon as she loves someone a lot they are willing to kill other just to keep him/her. Representing Yandere, Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki.
KUDERE- Acts cool and unemotional but shows sweetness later on. Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats is for example a Kudere.
DANDERE- She acts anti social and doesn't talk to anyone until the right person comes along. My favorite Naruto female character, Hinata Hyuuga is a dandere.

When it comes to anime as a show, there are some "terms" that don't appear in your usual language. For instance you have a lot of different anime genres but you may not be able to define the following ones:
MECHA- Anime and manga that feature giant robots in action. The most popular mecha anime in my opinion is probably Code:Geass, 
SHOUNEN- "Young boy" is in western usage, a style of anime and manga intended for boys. These works are characterized by high-axction, often humorous plots featuring male protagonists. 
SEINEN- Intended for an older audience than shounen. Content intented for men ages 18 to 40 or older. Yup, anime is not only for kids.
SHOJO- "Young woman" is in western usage, a style of manga and anime intended for girls ages 5-10 and 10-18 depending on the content of course.

When it comes to anime series there are two more terms that you'll hear often:                                                                  OVA- Original Video Animation is a type of anime which is intended to be distributed on VHS tapes or DVDs, and not to be shown in movies, or television. But no worreh, you can easily find all OVAs on the net.                                                                                                                          AMV- Anime Music Video, video clips from at least one anime series arranged to fit a musical piece playing in the background.  

So, this would be it for this time guys. I really am busier than ever because of all the senior stuff at High School, but I hope I'll get the chance to write here and there. If you have something else to share regarding this topic. let us know in the comments bellow. Also tell me if you have an idea for my next post!

 -Your Anime Girl <3.

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