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While all the other kids in Bosnia were watching Cartoon Network cartoons, I ended up watching RTL II and Nickelodeon. Nick also had a lot of good cartoons like Danny Phantom, Avatar, The Fairly Odd Parents etc. Yet little AnimeGirl's favorite cartoons were ANIME of course. Although I had no idea what "Anime" actually were, I loved them. Even my mother told me once, while I was watching anime: "Oh, are those the cartoons you used to watch as a 5-year-old?". Now twelve years later I am still watching anime, but now knowing what makes anime so unique. I always say that now I am a "Full-Time" anime lover, AnimeGirl. Although I forgot most of the details of those Anime, I remember one thing. I loved them! 
Another funny thing about my childhood is that after my parents left Germany and came back to Bosnia and Herzegovina they also brought a German TV receiver with them. And so I grew up watching only cartoons in German, Anime too. I have to admit that it had a good influence on me since I became a fluent German speaker but when I now hear a German-dubbed anime I instantly start laughing. It is so hilarious. Don't watch German-dubbed anime, but how to make it clear Germans hardly ever Subb something. 
Back to Anime. Today's blog post is devoted to all those Anime that made me the AnimeGirl I am now.

I will start with the one I remember as first. The first anime in my life. Sailor Moon. So it's basically about a group of girls having the power to transform into a Sailor (Moon, Jupiter, Venus...Every girl had her own name kinda) and with that saving the World from the Dark Kingdom and its evil ruler, Queen Beryl. They were awesome, as I was always a fan of fairies, magic and that stuff. Now, a month ago (or sth. like that) I was watching TV and while switching trough the channels I saw them. They were again on Tv and I just couldn't believe it. It was so awesome to see them again. You don't know how excited I was. I just wish that my younger sister would at least try watching anime, but that kinda seems impossible. 

Now, I am 100% sure that all of you have heard of these two anime shows. Dragon Ball and One Piece. Interesting is that now, eight years later, when I stopped watching these they become popular. Everyone who is watching anime is watching either Dragon Ball or One Piece. "What AnimeGirl are you, not watching DBZ or One P." Oh come on, I watched them before you even knew they existed. Get on my level. True, I don't remember a lot about them, especially Dragon Ball, but I still come across One Piece on TV sometimes and of course I watch it. It brings me back to that awesome time where I didn't have to worry about my grades at school, university etc. If I have, and I hope I will, have children one day, I will definitely make them watch them these two cartoons although they will be about two decades old. But, legends are legends.

 Now, I'd be super mad if you didn't know this anime. Forget Sherlock Holmes because this guy is a genius.Seven-Year-Old Edogawa Conan was actually a 17-Year-Old detective called Kudo Shinichi well, until... Until one day while he was trying to catch some dealers he was knocked unconscious and given a drug that should have actually killed him. When he woke up again he found him self being a little kid. He hid his true identity and continued his detective work in the shadows of his crushes father, Detective Kogorou. I remember this anime very well. It was always so intriguing and funny at the same time. I really enjoyed watching Detective Conan and I could recommend it to every little kid. Anime, a thing for all ages. 

Digimon Adventure was one of my favorites too. The way the kids had their Digimons or pet like creatures was awesome. I remember Taichi being my first anime-crush (hahahahah), I have to laugh every time I think about it. Seven kids were trapped inside a strange digital world with creatures called Digimons (as said before). They become friends and later the kids realize that they were chosen to protect the Digital world from evil Digimons. I remember just a couple of flashes from this anime, like one scene in which Taichi says goodbye to his Digimon, or some action scenes etc. On the whole, it is an adventurous anime with a lot emotion in it. I loved it. 

I am so sad that I don't remember much of this anime. I just know that I loved it the most. Ojamajo Doremi is a cute, little story about the main character Doremi. She calles her self "The unluckiest bishoujo in the world", but lucky for her she becomes a witch. Together with her friends they aim to pass the witch exams and become full fledged witches. As a little anime girl I've always been in love with magic, fairies, wizards, witches and I still am.  For the same reason I enjoy watching Avatar, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Tokyo Ravens...

When I sometimes come across one of these anime, I have to stop and take a look. Although they might be a bit boring, because Kids-Anime, I still love them the most. They made my childhood and they will always stay as a memory of the great time I had. And even if one day I won't be able to remember anything from my childhood I will still be able to take a look at this blog post and remember that I had a childhood full of adventures, magic and great stories. Thank you Japan, for being a part of my childhood.
Your AnimeGirl <3

So, my dear readers, these are the anime of my childhood. Now I'd really want to hear what are yours? Comment, share and follow so you always know when a new post comes out. Also, you can find me on My Anime List and Instagram under AnimeGirl_03, so see you there!!! 


  1. Interesting. :) Believe it or not, my first anime was "Death Note". ^^ At the time, I didn't know what anime was exactly, but I found the animation and the story interesting. I remember asking my mother to let me stay awake a bit longer, so I could watch "Death Note". (It was around 11 p.m) :P After that (still unaware of what anime is), I watched a bit of DBZ, Sailor Moon and Naruto, and those were some of my favorite shows on TV. ^^ Only later did I find out all of those were actually anime!

    1. Well this is something, Death Note as your first anime! Did you have any nightmares, I would if I were you?!

    2. Hahahaha, luckily, I didn't. 😂 But I can see why you would think that. To be honest, the only show that EVER gave me nightmares was Sesame Street. Ugh, I hated those puppets. 😡 I've never had 'issues' with any other shows, though.

    3. The only shows I was scared of are Bern the Bread and Moomin(anime) 😥😁



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