NO GAME NO LIFE Gets Anime Movie This Summer

New update on NO GAME NO LIFE! 

After the announcement of the movie No Game No Life Zero the team was of course present at the Kodakawa booth on AnimeJapan 2017 in Tokyo just this weekend. In short, the PV Trailer was screened for the first time and with that they also revealed the official release date, which is set for July, 15th 2017. 

The story of the movie is again set in the gaming world of Disboard, where each conflict is solved, well trough games. 6 thousand years ago there existed two siblings, Shiro and Sora that were undefeated in every game they played and so fought the great war of eternity 'tearing heavens apart and killing starts'. The legends about Shiro and Sora was kept up until now but the story that wasn't told before  is about to be revealed.

The PV trailer (link here) looks promising. The story sounds really interesting and I definitely can't wait to watch it. What's also important to mentioned is the breathtaking animation and style that makes No Game No Life so unique. Down bellow you have some screenshots from the PV. I hope you are as excited as I am because NGNL was an amazing 2014 anime and I am sure that this movie will be just as amazing as the show was. Will you be watching?


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