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CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT-Leila Malcal (Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito)

Good Evening Minna-san, Are you ready for something new in the World of Anime Girl? How about some character discussion? I wanted to do this post for some time but never knew where I should start, or better said with whom. But tonight, while browsing trough my anime list, I figured out which character deserves the spotlight in the first "Character Spotlight" post. She is one of my favorite characters ever and has almost the same name as I do. She is a strong and independent female lead character in the side-story of one of the most amazing anime ever. I am Leyla and from Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito, I present  you: LEILA MALCAL! Enjoy!
HER STORY 📜Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito is a side story of the original Code:Geass that takes place on the European Battle Front. It is a really good side story that tells us what is going on on the other side of world in time Lelousch fights Britania in Japan. In such a setting we encounter Leila Malcal. She is the daught…

Answering Questions from MAL Forums pt.3

Oi Minna-San, I hope you've missed the Anime Girl because today she's back with one more "Answering Questions" post here on World of Anime Girl. I don't know why, but I love this kinds of posts the most because I love expressing my opinion. And there is no better way of expressing your opinion than answering questions. So, once again, I picked a couple of questions from My Anime List and now they're about to be answered by Anime Girl. 
Do you judge Anime by its COVER? 😏
Uhm..Da! I am not particularly sure why I do that but the reason for that is probably that I care much about visuals. I just cannot watch something that doesn't look good. Best example for that is Kill la Kill. I just hate the way the characters, especially the main one looks like. And I saw that from the cover. I do judge, but I usually do it in a positive way. There were many anime that I decided to watch just because of the cover...So in conclusion...Yes, I judge anime sometimes by its c…

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: ANIME REVIEW

Welcome, welcome my dear otaku comunity! Before I start with today's post I'd like to remind you of a certain date that is coming up. Next Thursday on December 15, Otakus all over the world are celebrating the World Otaku Day and so should you! I want to do something special on my blog on that day so I'd like you to give me some ideas in the comments bellow.  As for today's post it will be a something I haven't written in a long time. It's review time here on World of Anime Girl and I'll be reviewing an anime I just watched yesterday. I actually never wanted to watch it because i thought it would be stupid, but it wasn't. It was actually pretty good.  To all the guys out there, it can be really annoying if you flirt with a girl while playing MMOs, especially in a dungeon. Never ever try to pick up a girl in a dungeon and here is why: Enjoy reading my review on the anime Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?/ Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Ma…

Anime Battle (Ao Haru Ride vs. Toradora)

Konnichiwa Minna-san and welcome to another World of Anime Girl blog post. Today's blog post will be just part 1. of a series of posts called "Anime Battle". As you can all guess from the name, I'll be picking a few points such as plot, story, moral, animation etc. and compare two anime that seem similar. By doing so, I will evaluate both anime and choose the better one in the end. I'll compare anime that are usually recommendations of each other and the first pair will be from the school/romance/drama genre. They are my absolute favorites in that genre and without further talk, let's get into the anime Ao Haru Ride (aka. Blue Spring Ride) and Toradora. Enjoy! First and foremost, these anime are a common recommendation because of their genre and story that shares some common points. Both have a female main character and are about the usual problems that students encounter in their high school days. I personally liked them both because their stories are interes…

Anime-Apps (Recommendation Corner)

Good Evening Minna-san, I hope you're all doing fine and ready for a new World of Anime Girl blog-post. Midterm examinations are around the corner and so I thought I'd use this little free-time to post something new. So, here I am with a brand new topic in the spirit of the 21st century-the age of internet and smartphones. Being a full-time Anime Girl, I tried a lot of anime apps and definitely visited tons of web-pages. After some years, I quit using some but became addicted to some others which are now an indispensable part of my everyday life. Whether I use them to communicate with other otakus or to organize myself in the huge world of anime I love them all.  And without any further talk, let's get to today's blog post with the title:  Anime-Apps (Recommendation Corner)
When it comes to my smartphone there are quite some apps that I use all the time. Let's start with my absolute favorite. All of you probably have a My Anime List account. It is a must for every ot…

10 Underrated Anime That You Absolutely Have to Watch

Good Evening Minna-san, It is the official 90th World of Anime Girl post and it is devoted to anime that I found so amazing, yet they never found their way to the limelight. They may have a good rating on MAL yet they are not as popular as they should be. Without any further talk, here are 10 underrated anime from my completed anime list  that you absolutely have to watch

ARSLAN SENKI (Ranked #683, Rated: 7.89) 
Arslan Senki is an Action, Adventure, Drama and Historical anime whose story is both thrilling and emotional. It is about the crown prince of the Pars empire that just lost its Capital in war to the empire of Lusitania. The thing that made me love this anime is definitely its catchy and dramatic story, its characters and definitely the action. 

AKATSUKI NO YONA (Ranked #261, Rated: 8.24)
The reason Akatsuki no Yona is one of my favorite anime is probably the story again. An adventure, romance and fantasy anime that follows Yona, princess of Kouka Kingdom, who just witnessed the m…

Tales of Zestiria the X: ANIME REVIEW

After 12 long weeks, Tales of Zestiria the X finally came to an end, or rather unfortunately, because it was fantastic. Even before the start of the Summer 2016 season I knew that I could expect much of an Ufotable fantasy, action and adventure anime. I did not play the game so I won't be able to tell you which one was better, the game or the anime adaptation. But what I can do for sure is write  my impressions and thoughts on the anime in this review. I know I am a week late with it but I hope you still enjoy!
As mentioned in the intro, Tales of Zestiria the X (ToZX) is an action, adventure and fantasy anime made by one of my favorite production studios-ufotable. Even before the anime started airing in July, 2016 I knew I'd love it because I've been waiting for so long for an anime like this. I wanted a good, action rich, fantastic, magical anime with a lot of legend and prophecies and stuff like that and ToZX delivers all of that. In addition to that, …

If you could have any anime POWER, which one would it be?

Good Evening Minna-san, Welcome to another anime post here in the World of Anime Girl. Today's post answers a question I have come across many times in all the anime and otaku forums, groups etc. The question is: If you could have any anime POWER, which one would it be? It really took some time to decide what anime power I'd like to have because it is too hard to just pick one out of a million of amazing powers there are. In the end I decided that the power I'd like to have is a power I wished for since I was a child. Well, you could not call it an actual power because it is kinda an ability of multiple powers that is still considered as one. I am talking about the ability of casting magic.
I've always been dreaming of the ability to cast magic and being a mage. I am talking about that real, traditional magic, like the one we see in Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works or the anime Tokyo Ravens. That is the kind of magic I like the most. Not that non-sense modern magi…

My Top 5 Anime Opening Songs

Well Hello there Minna-san, I've been trying all day to come up with another interesting topic for a post on World of Anime Girl. In the end, I decided to do one more My Top 5. This time I will show you My Top 5 Favorite Anime Songs I have seen/heard. Those are all song I actually downloaded and listened to non-stop. They are cool, have a catchy sound and give you the feeling that you might really like the anime. And with no further talk, here are my top 5 favorite anime opening songs:
 No.5 AKATSUKI NO YONA, second opening                                                                  

 No.4 GANGSTA                                                                                                                  

 No.3 GULITY CROWN, second opening                                                                          

 No.2 DARKER THAN BLACK: RYUUSEI NO GEMINI                                                      

 No.1 FAIRY TAIL, opening 16������������������������������������������…

Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners: ANIME REVIEW

Hello there Minna-san,  I hope you're up to a new review here on World of Anime Girl. This time, it will be an anime that is actually made of seven movies. An Action, Mystery, Thriller, Supernatural and Romance anime made by one of my favorite production studios, Ufotable. When I think about it, I can't say that I loved it, but it is not like I hate it either. I am neutral about it but it was good. Now let's discuss the details in the review. 

Kara no Kyoukai follows Shiki Ryougi, a girl who, after a terrible car accident, stayed in coma for two years. Being a member of the Ryougi family, Shiki owned a dual personality, a feminine and a masculine side which were created by splitting her soul. After waking up from the coma, Shiki realized that the masculine side was gone but as an after effect she gained the power to perceive death with her 'Mystic Eyes'. The ability to kill any living being with only a knife lures Shiki into a darker world but fo…


I pretty sure that most of you know the meaning of the acronym OP when it comes to anime terminology. It simply means Over Powered. Yet, in today's post this acronym gets a slightly different meaning-Overly Perfect. From the title, OP-MC, today's topic are Overly Perfect Main Characters.  When it comes to picking between a nonsense character and an overly perfect one, I'd still say that the nonsense one is better. Why? Well, the first reason is that characters are the carriers of the story and if a character is up to no character development, the story won't develop either. That's fact. Yes, the story can go on and be catchy from time to time but then it is because of another character, not the main. Second reason, the anime gets predictable. Every time there is a fight, you know exactly who the winner is. The Overly Perfect character cannot lose and the only thing that keeps you watching it, is because you want to find out the way they win. And thirdly, most of t…

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