Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster): ANIME REVIEW

Scrolling down the Shoujo genre on My Anime List, I stumbled upon a rather interesting show from 2012. The slice-of-life/shoujo/school anime promised a cute romance and good comedy in 13 episodes. Question is, did the anime actually hold on to the things it promised? "My Little Monster" is quite unusual for an anime title but as such, it clearly caught my attention. Now, without further ado, the review to Tonari no Kaibutsku-kun. Enjoy!

STUDIO:Brain's Base GENRE:Romance, Comedy, Shoujo, Slice-of-life, School EPISODES:13 LINKS:MY ANIME LIST | PV TRAILER 

PLOT AND STORY LINE 📜 Most of the shoujo anime we know involve one shy and socially awkward character on one, and a popular and outgoing character on the other side of the romance. But what happens if neither of the characters is socially awkward nor shy, but still don't have any friends because of their 'special' behavior? Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun gives the answer in a fresh anime atmosphere that really shows tha…

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders: ANIME REVIEW

Hey everyone, my name is Victor and I'm the creator of the website I enjoy watching anime, and writing about anime when I feel compelled to. Thank you to Lejla for allowing me to write on her amazing anime website, I love it when anime bloggers work together.

Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin: ANIME REVIEW

"Laziness is the mother of human progress." -Ikta Solork
With this said I welcome you to another post here on World of Anime Girl. It is time for a new anime review and the quote your read just above is one of my favorites from the show I'll be reviewing today. Being a light novel adaptation and a studio Madhouse production it will probably stay at one season, with an unfinished story. Still, that one season was surprisingly enough to turn me into a great fan of Najomaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin or in English, Alderamin on the Sky. Enjoy!

STUDIO:Madhouse GENRE:Action, Adventure, Military, Fantasy EPISODES:13 LINKS:MY ANIME LIST | PV TRAILER 
I seriously expected another average military, action story about teenagers that we have seen so many times before in anime like: God Eter, Owari no Seraph, Balck Bullet, Schwarzesmarken etc. But as I said in the beginning, I was positively surprised by the story that was both intriguing and entertaining…

The MADHOUSE Curse: Why is Madhouse Never Making a Second Anime Season?

Even though I said in one of my previous posts that I'll never watch a Madhouse anime again...I did. And guess what. The anime again ends halfway, unfinished, with no second season in sight. Some people in the community call it the Madhouse course, but trust me, it actually doesn't have anything to do with  the studio, and here's all why:

Madhouse is the STUDIO, not the PRODUCER Many of us (I do too), mainly look at the studio that made the anime, we don't care much about the producers, right? I mean, the studio is the one that kinda brings the idea, the story and the screenplay into life, but it is the production or even the author of the original material that decide whether an anime gets a second season or not. Anime studios are nothing but contractors that, once picked by the producer, are given the budget money for the anime and then they are free to start.  Now that we know that it is the producer's responsibility for not making a second season, why are they …

New PV Trailer for Fate/ Extra Anime Adaptation

Even though I already watched a couple of Fate television anime, movies, OVAs and played the Fate/ Grand Order game, I am still looking forward to new projects from the Fate franchise. Being a huge Fate fan, I don't understand how I didn't see this announcement before.  On March 2016, Fate announced another television anime based on the PS game Fate/ Extra. The anime studio Shaft will produce the animation for the new anime with the name: Fate/Extra: Last Encore. 

A new PV trailer was added to the official page last Saturday and I must say that it really looks great. The website also revealed new visual and the two main cast members. The anime stars Atsushi Abe as Hakuno Kashinami and Sakura Tange as Saber. I am also excited to finally see a new Saber who is, as I  recognize from the mobile game Grand Order, Nero, Fifth Emperor of Rome. 
The story follows Hakuno who suddenly wakes up in a strange virtual world. With no recollection of the past he is forced to fight for his su…

Anime Battle (Mononoke Hime vs. Spirited Away)

Greetings everybody and welcome to another anime battle here on World of Anime Girl. For those of you who are not familiar with this kind of post, it is some kind of detailed discussion in which I compare two anime in categories like: plot, story line, animation and characters. In the end I pick a winner between the two according to the results in each round. This time I prepared for you the ultimate battle between two of the most incredible and most famous movies in anime history. They are both Studio Ghibli productions created by the one and only, Hayao Miyazaki. Now without further talk, let's get it started. Today's ANIME BATTLE: Mononoke Hime vs. Spirited Away. Enjoy!

PLOT AND STORY LINE When I write this kind of post it usually ends up as a really long text, which most of you are probably just too lazy to read. So, this time I'll try to make it somewhat shorter.

Firstly Mononoke Hime. It is a fantasy movie that tells the adventure story of Ashitaka, young prince of a…

Fairy Tail TV gets 'Final Season' in 2018

I still can't believe it's over. After 545 chapters, in 62 volumes, Fairy Tail reached its final chapter on July 26. Despite being somewhat repetitivne and predictive, Fairy Tail has become on of my favorite anime ever and now with the manga being finished I was really looking forward to some anime sequels. And it really hit the news some days ago: Fairy Tail is getting another anime sequel, 'The Final Season' in 2018. The news was revealed by non other but the creator of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima in one of his tweets: 

After two anime seasons, one aired in 2009 and the other in 2014, Fairy Tail got two OVAs and two movies: Phoenix Priestess (2012) and Dragon Cry (2017). It's most recent television anime was the prequel Fairy Tail Zero which is one of my favorite story arcs of the entire franchise. 
In addition to that, Mahima revealed one more thing over his twitter account in May: "Even though the original manga is ending, I don't think Fairy Tail is don…

Fate/ Grand Order Smartphone Game: Is it Worth Playing?

Fate/ Grand Order: First Order marked the beginning of 2017 in the Anime World and it was definitely not a good start. I mean, the concept and the idea behind the anime is great but I was really disappointed by it considering the fact that I am a huge Fate-franchise fan. June 25, marked the release of the English version of the smartphone game Fate/ Grand Order and I have to say that I was rather skeptical in the beginning. But after playing for a couple of hours I got totally addicted. Welcome to another review here on World of Anime Girl, but this time I am not talking about an anime show or movie, but the mobile RPG: Fate/ Grand Order. Enjoy!

The game basically follows the same story as the anime. It is 2015 and the secret organisation Chaldea is working on the preservation of the world history as well as investigating any abnormalities in the past that might lead to the extinction of humanity. On day, the future that Chaldea was observing suddenly disappears and the extinction of h…

Kotonoha no Niwa ( The Gaden of Words): ANIME MOVIE REVIEW

Emotional, moving and beautiful are three words that best describe the masterpieces of Makoto Shinikai, the producer and director of anime movies such as Five Centimeters per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Someone's Gaze, his undoubfully greatest work Kimi no Na wa and the movie that I am reviewing today: Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words). Kimo no Na wa, or Your Name, is without any doubt among the greatest anime movies ever made but when it comes to the beauty of a movie (its animation and scenery), I think that Kotonoha no Niwa is better. I talked about the beauty of the movie in my last post: My Top 5 Most Beautiful Anime Moments and thought that it definitely deserves a review. Enjoy!

STUDIO:CoMix Wave Films, The Answer Studio GENRE:Slice of Life, Psychological, Drama, Romance TYPE:Movie ( 46 min.) LINKS:MY ANIME LIST | PV TRAILER 

The story follows high school student Takao Akazuki who is aspiring to become a shoemaker. He usually skips the morning…

My Top 5 Most Beautiful Anime Moments

Greetings everyone and welcome to another TOP 5 blog post here on World of Anime Girl. This time, I picked out the most beautiful anime moments I have seen. It was not just the animation that brought these moments into my top 5, but the emotions that these moments carry with them. They are that type of moments that make your eyes wide open, give you goosebumps and just simply take your breath away. There have been many moments like that and it was really hard to pick the best 5, but in the end I had to be subjective and let my feelings decide that. Now without further ado, here are My Top 5 Most Beautiful Anime Moments. **This Post Contains Spoilers**

No.5 KIMI NO NA WA: The Comet
These two pictures don't represent one particular moment in the anime, but every moment in which we get to see this comet while watching one of the greatest movies in anime history. And every time it appears it brings up the same emotions. Of course the mostemotional and exciting moment was when we finall…

Mahou Sensou (Magical Warfare): ANIME REVIEW

Can somebody please remind me to never watch a Madhouse anime ever again. I am grateful to Madhouse for producing many good anime, but can they please finish the anime in a second season instead of leaving us at an enormous cliffhanger every time at the end of the first one. Now I have one more anime on my completed list without knowing how it actually ends and it doesn't even have a manga, just a light novel, and to be honest the anime is not worth reading it. Why? Find it out in today's anime review. This time on Mahou Sensou or Magical Warfare. Enjoy!

PLOT AND STORY LINE 📜When I saw this anime and read the synopsis I knew that I shouldn't expect much of it. It is just another, average fantasy and  magic anime, with a mainly shallow story and characters, a poor romance, predictable events, annoying shoujo and fan-service elements and an even more irritating brother-complex story in th…

My Impression on the First 13 Episodes of BORUTO

The Summer 2017 season has officially begun with new anime coming out from today on. Of course, there are still some airing from the previous season and I am sure we'll be stuck with one of them for a little while longer. Boruto is in my opinion the highlight of the Spring 2017 season and the first 13 episodes convinced me that it has potential to be a great anime. If you want to know why, here is My Impression on the first 13 episodes of BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations. 

The anime starts off with one clear message: This is not a story about a boy who wants to become Hokage, that was Naruto's story. Boruto is a completely different one. But even though it is a different story I loved how Kishimoto actually made a connection to Naruto's early days. Naruto, being a boy without parents or anyone around craves attention of the whole village and wants to be recognized by everyone. Now, we have Boruto, a boy that has both parents around and lots of friends but craves the attention…