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10 Underrated Anime That You Absolutely Have to Watch

Good Evening Minna-san, It is the official 90th World of Anime Girl post and it is devoted to anime that I found so amazing, yet they never found their way to the limelight. They may have a good rating on MAL yet they are not as popular as they should be. Without any further talk, here are 10 underrated anime from my completed anime list  that you absolutely have to watch

ARSLAN SENKI (Ranked #683, Rated: 7.89) 
Arslan Senki is an Action, Adventure, Drama and Historical anime whose story is both thrilling and emotional. It is about the crown prince of the Pars empire that just lost its Capital in war to the empire of Lusitania. The thing that made me love this anime is definitely its catchy and dramatic story, its characters and definitely the action. 

AKATSUKI NO YONA (Ranked #261, Rated: 8.24)
The reason Akatsuki no Yona is one of my favorite anime is probably the story again. An adventure, romance and fantasy anime that follows Yona, princess of Kouka Kingdom, who just witnessed the m…

Tales of Zestiria the X: ANIME REVIEW

After 12 long weeks, Tales of Zestiria the X finally came to an end, or rather unfortunately, because it was fantastic. Even before the start of the Summer 2016 season I knew that I could expect much of an Ufotable fantasy, action and adventure anime. I did not play the game so I won't be able to tell you which one was better, the game or the anime adaptation. But what I can do for sure is write  my impressions and thoughts on the anime in this review. I know I am a week late with it but I hope you still enjoy!
As mentioned in the intro, Tales of Zestiria the X (ToZX) is an action, adventure and fantasy anime made by one of my favorite production studios-ufotable. Even before the anime started airing in July, 2016 I knew I'd love it because I've been waiting for so long for an anime like this. I wanted a good, action rich, fantastic, magical anime with a lot of legend and prophecies and stuff like that and ToZX delivers all of that. In addition to that, …

If you could have any anime POWER, which one would it be?

Good Evening Minna-san, Welcome to another anime post here in the World of Anime Girl. Today's post answers a question I have come across many times in all the anime and otaku forums, groups etc. The question is: If you could have any anime POWER, which one would it be? It really took some time to decide what anime power I'd like to have because it is too hard to just pick one out of a million of amazing powers there are. In the end I decided that the power I'd like to have is a power I wished for since I was a child. Well, you could not call it an actual power because it is kinda an ability of multiple powers that is still considered as one. I am talking about the ability of casting magic.
I've always been dreaming of the ability to cast magic and being a mage. I am talking about that real, traditional magic, like the one we see in Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works or the anime Tokyo Ravens. That is the kind of magic I like the most. Not that non-sense modern magi…

My Top 5 Anime Opening Songs

Well Hello there Minna-san, I've been trying all day to come up with another interesting topic for a post on World of Anime Girl. In the end, I decided to do one more My Top 5. This time I will show you My Top 5 Favorite Anime Songs I have seen/heard. Those are all song I actually downloaded and listened to non-stop. They are cool, have a catchy sound and give you the feeling that you might really like the anime. And with no further talk, here are my top 5 favorite anime opening songs:
 No.5 AKATSUKI NO YONA, second opening                                                                  

 No.4 GANGSTA                                                                                                                  

 No.3 GULITY CROWN, second opening                                                                          

 No.2 DARKER THAN BLACK: RYUUSEI NO GEMINI                                                      

 No.1 FAIRY TAIL, opening 16������������������������������������������…

Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners: ANIME REVIEW

Hello there Minna-san,  I hope you're up to a new review here on World of Anime Girl. This time, it will be an anime that is actually made of seven movies. An Action, Mystery, Thriller, Supernatural and Romance anime made by one of my favorite production studios, Ufotable. When I think about it, I can't say that I loved it, but it is not like I hate it either. I am neutral about it but it was good. Now let's discuss the details in the review. 

Kara no Kyoukai follows Shiki Ryougi, a girl who, after a terrible car accident, stayed in coma for two years. Being a member of the Ryougi family, Shiki owned a dual personality, a feminine and a masculine side which were created by splitting her soul. After waking up from the coma, Shiki realized that the masculine side was gone but as an after effect she gained the power to perceive death with her 'Mystic Eyes'. The ability to kill any living being with only a knife lures Shiki into a darker world but fo…


I pretty sure that most of you know the meaning of the acronym OP when it comes to anime terminology. It simply means Over Powered. Yet, in today's post this acronym gets a slightly different meaning-Overly Perfect. From the title, OP-MC, today's topic are Overly Perfect Main Characters.  When it comes to picking between a nonsense character and an overly perfect one, I'd still say that the nonsense one is better. Why? Well, the first reason is that characters are the carriers of the story and if a character is up to no character development, the story won't develop either. That's fact. Yes, the story can go on and be catchy from time to time but then it is because of another character, not the main. Second reason, the anime gets predictable. Every time there is a fight, you know exactly who the winner is. The Overly Perfect character cannot lose and the only thing that keeps you watching it, is because you want to find out the way they win. And thirdly, most of t…

Thank You for the 20.000 Pageviews

Finally! World of Anime Girl reached its 20000 page views and it's all thanks to you! As always: Arigato, Thanks, Danke, Hvala, Merci, Teşekürler...Make sure to tell me in the comments below what you think about my posts and reviews. If you have any suggestions or post ideas let me know. And lastly, make sure to find and add me on My Anime List under the name Animegirlism and follow on instagram under @aniblogger. See you there! Saionara!

Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: ANIME REVIEW

If there is one thing that Ufotable is really good at, then it is animation. A rather 'young' studio that was founded in 2000 brought us a couple of really good anime series including the "Fate" series. After finishing Fate/ Zero, I watched Unlimited Blade Works and even tough a lot of people consider Zero as the better one, I cannot agree with them because UBW was a masterpiece. I guess it's review time: Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. Enjoy! 

 PLOT AND STORY LINE                                                                                                    
Let's firstly talk about the setting of this anime. The setting, being the Holy Grail War, is in my opinion one of the best settings I have ever seen. In a battle royale, seven Masters fight for the ultimate prize-The Holy Grail. Each master summons a servant, a Heroic Spirit from the past that fights for them in the war. There are in total seven different servant classes: Archer, Saber, Caste…

Symbolic Anime Quotes

I am pretty sure you're all familiar with anime quotes. Almost every anime has it, just like any other TV show and movie. But today's topic are not morals and enlightening life quotes, but symbolic quotes that are unique for different anime. They symbolize the story of the anime in a certain and specific way. They are a written logo that instantly reminds you of the anime's story. Moreover, they awaken an emotion of joy and happiness mixed up with some feeling of longing. It's hard to explain it, but I guess you'll feel the same volcano of emotions inside your self after reading them. My favorite symbolic anime quotes. Enjoy!
 -FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD- The emotional story of two brothers that lost their mother and much more is a well known story in the anime world. The whole series is based on one fundamental law and it became the symbol of the Elric brothers' story. 

 -AKASTUKI NO YONA- The reason why I personally love this symbolic quote is the moment. …

My Top 5 Anime Villains I Just Couldn't Hate

When it comes to the question who is more important in an anime, the hero or the villain, I'll always say that it's the villain that matters more. The hero can be the best he can but if the villain is not good than the anime ends up being a complete failure. There are, of course, good and bad villains but also villains that you really hate and the ones  that you actually like. Today's post is devoted to the anime villains that I personally couldn't hate. What's more, I love them. My Top 5 Anime Villains I Just Couldn't Hate. Enjoy! 
No5. SADAO MAOU-Hataraku Maou-Sama! Once confronted by the Hero Emilia, guess what happened to the Demon King that retreated with his army and ended up in present day Japan? No, he didn't take over the world. He just started working as a part-timer at McRonald's. And not surprisingly, he even gets promoted from part-timer to full-timer. Sadao Maou is the funniest version of Satan you'll ever see. He is such a stupid and n…

Horrible Anime Recommendations on MAL

I know I have mentioned My Anime List many times in my posts and reviews. It is a really amazing page and I think that every otaku should have an account on MAL. An amazing feature of MAL are the anime recommendations that other users can post. It works on the principle "If you liked....., you might also like....". So basically you suggest people anime that are similar to another one. For example, what I would recommend, if you liked Arslan Senki you might also like Akatsuki no Yona.  Both anime are adventure anime that share a similar story of a prince (Arslan)/ princess (Yona) that fight for their kingdom. They are stories that carry a couple of similar morals such as the importance of friends and family and how it is important to never give up.  An as much as there are really amazing recommendations, there are also some really stupid ones. Here for you, I have picked some of the most horrible anime recommendations that were posted on MAL in this year. Enjoy!
1.If you liked…

Almost 20.000

At this very moment, the number of total page views on World of Anime Girl is 19.436 which is totally amazing. I just wanted to thank all of you for visiting and reading posts on this blog.  ARIGATO, DANKE, HVALA, THANK YOU! Make sure to add me on My Anime List under the username Animegirlism and follow me on Instagram under @aniblogger. I'll be waiting! 


I guess most of you would describe Her as an annoying anime cliche. True, She is one of the most common anime cliches ever but I wouldn't say that it's an annoying one. She is funny and dramatic and most of the time Her personality results in an amazing plot-twist in the anime. From the 'dere' family She is the most popular and common one and today's topic of the "It's an Anime Thing" post series. Give it up for the Tsundere
The term 'Tsundere' is actually slang and it is used to describe a female anime or even game character. It is a combination of the words "Tsun Tsun" and "Dere Dere" and each of them is used when describing the attitude of a person. "Tsun Tsun" describes a cold/curt/blunt attitude whereas "Dere Dere" is used when a person becomes all weak-minded in front of her/his crush or lover. So basically a Tsundere  is a character that acts always cold and bold but becomes spoony when her crush…

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